Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Dark’ (1979)

The very first thing The Dark wants you to know is that it is sorry for existing. The movie opens with an ominous voiceover that rationalizes its own plot, which … Continue reading Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Dark’ (1979)

Blood Freak

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Blood Freak’ (1972)

In its finest form, religion can provide camaraderie, comfort and charity, a chance to pull one’s head out of one’s own nether regions and be a vital, cogent part of … Continue reading Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Blood Freak’ (1972)

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Disconnected’ (1984)

1984’s ‘Disconnected’ foregoes the glitz and glam of most films from the decade, providing a real you-are-there feeling of desperation and madness.

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Funland’ (1987)

The difficulty in describing a movie like 1987’s Funland lies in the fact that I don’t know your boxes. That is to say, I don’t have a working understanding of all the things that make you excited about watching a particular film

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Linda Lovelace for President’ (1975)

In an doomed attempt to turn a porn star into a comedy starlet, ‘Linda Lovelace for President’ takes all the low-hanging fruit it can gather and mashes it into a rotting compote of awfulness.

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Night the Prowler’ (1978)

The Night the Prowler (no comma or ellipses for you, ladies and gentlemen) is an Australian movie that might be a satire about high society or a bloodless slasher movie … Continue reading Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Night the Prowler’ (1978)


Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Disaster’ (2003)

If ever a movie needed an exclamation point in its title, it is ‘Disaster,’ an action movie so insanely brainless, it gets our lowest (meaning ‘highest’) recommendation.

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Freakmaker’ (1974)

Donald Pleasance as a science-crazed botany professor? Tom Baker as a seven-foot-tall giant with facial tumors? And this is really a real movie, for real? Sign me up for ‘The Freakmaker,’ post-haste!

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Executioner Part II’ (1984)

When you’re in the mood for a gritty, urban action movie set in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, you could do much better than The Executioner Part II, a sequel for a movie that doesn’t actually exist.