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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 2

There’s time! There’s time! You still have time!

I know: you’re looking to buy that perfect, mid-priced, comic book collection for a friend or loved one as a gift for the holiday season, aren’t you? (Maybe, if you’re anything like me, you’re also looking to pick up a little holiday reading for yourself!)

Well, yesterday we posted a list of some higher-priced items. If you haven’t seen it yet (or need to refer back to it), you can find it right here. It’s got some great stuff for any comic book fan in your life.

But maybe those items are out of your price range. No worries. Biff Bam Pop! has got you covered.

In a couple of days, we’re going to list our lower-priced, generally softcover comic book compilations, best to give as gifts this year. Today, we’re in the mid-range. And there’s lots of great stuff to give!

So scribble these books down on paper, type them into your phone Notes app, ask Siri to remind you, or just simply print this page!

Either way, get to a comic book store, a bookstore or get online now – here we go!

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Role-Play Your Way To A Fluid “User” On The Wednesday Run

Remember the days when Vertigo Comics was regularly publishing comic book fiction that pushed the boundaries of the art form, giving voice to dozens of burgeoning writers and artists each month that would never have been heard from in mainstream publications?

It was probably the mid to late 1990’s or early 2000’s.

And you were probably in high school or college at the time – and my, oh my, weren’t those the glory days of comic book reading?

It’s a little strange then, that with all the great comics that Vertigo was publishing at the time, a title such as the 2001 three-issue miniseries, User, flew a bit under the radar, even though it won industry awards.

It’s stranger then, that the same title is compiled in a handsome hardcover format by an entirely different publisher (one who has taken up the philosophical mantle that Vertigo Comics once owned), over fifteen years later.

And that the story of User, released (again) today, still resonates!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Comic Book Collections Part 2

klausLast week, we highlighted a number of trade paperback comic book collections, perfect gifts for friends and loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season.

If you haven’t already, you can check out that particular list right here.

But maybe you want to kick it up a notch this month.

Maybe you’ve got a special someone that really only likes hardcover books on the bookshelf. Or maybe you’re looking to find something that carries a slightly higher budget than softcover collections.

No worries. This week, we’ve got your back.

Here’s the second installment of our Holiday Gift Guide: Comic Book Collections!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Comic Book Collections Part 1

If you’re not coming to Biff Bam Pop! for insightful readings and interviews on your favourite television shows, movies, video games or music, then you must be coming here for the comic books! Right? Right!

And what would a Holiday Gift Guide be, here on Biff Bam Pop!, if we didn’t make mention of some of the great comic book collections that should be under the tree, or given as a gift for every fan this season?

Here it is, then:

Over the rest of the week, we’ll be listing some of the cheaper, more moderate, are quite expensive trade paperback and hardcover collections of some of the best comic book reading you or a loved one will likely experience this year! Let’s hit the more affordable ones first, shall we?

Follow me after the jump for all the winter holiday horror, detective sci-fi, comedy and heroic fiction that needs to be read!

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The Scene Of The Crime Is Right Here On The Wednesday Run – November 14, 2012

I tell ‘ya, there’s always something interesting to pick up at your local comic book shop on a Wednesday.

Action. Adventure. Mystery. Horror. Drama: super-powered heroes with masks, capes and spandex tights; regular sorts of people making their way in the world, falling in love and then out of it; espionage and the political machinations between government states; speculative, futurist fiction that educates us on today’s prevalent issues; gun-toting schemers and the people charged in bringing them to justice.

Yep. The local comic book shop has them all on a Wednesday.

For some people, that might mean picking up The Boys #72, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s final issue of their treatise on superheroes, celebrity and debauchery!

For others, that could mean hurriedly picking up Batman #14 and finding out what writer Scott Snyder, artist Greg Capullo – and the insanely evil Joker – have really done to Alfred!

For me, Wednesday, November 14 means racing to the local shop and grabbing the critically acclaimed 1999 crime series, Scene of the Crime.

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Say You Want An Invisibles (Climactic) Revolution On The Wednesday Run – August 22, 2012

Exactly how close can a writer be to his or her own fictional story? Set aside William Burroughs for a moment. No, wait. Include him.

For fan-favourite scribe, Grant Morrison and his The Invisibles comic book series, the answer to that question is, seemingly, perilously close.

For Morrison, putting the main protagonist of his monthly periodical in jeopardy affected the real-life teller of the tale in profound physical ways. And that says nothing to the state of dwindling sales and an acute fear of cancellation. Writer and creation are one and the same, you see, and the panacea, beyond writing the protagonist in more comfortable confines?

A wankathon.

Yeah. You read that right.

And thus is the born the enduring mythology and fan love affair that is The Invisibles.

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