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Heroes and Villains – Reviewing Recent Comics 9-13-2017


This time on Heroes and Villains, we’ll be looking at a variety of comics out this week and last, from a variety of genres and companies. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Moving Target: The History and Evolution of Green Arrow by Richard Gray, Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #3, The Art of Rick and Morty, Realm #1, Retcon #1, Sink #3, Dead of Winter#2, Kaijumax: Season Three #3, and more… be warned, there may be spoilers…

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Saturday at the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Without a doubt, the biggest movie coming out this weekend is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 from Marvel Studios. The first movie in this franchise within a franchise was a surprise hit, and one of the best of the Marvel movies. How did its sequel hold up? Meet me after the hyperspatial jump for my thoughts. Heed my warning, folks, there be spoilers ahead.

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31 Days of Horror 2016: Bone Tomahawk

Well we’re deep into the spooky season with Halloween just a few days away. You’ve watched Friday the 13th and The Exorcist. You were beaten senseless by The Walking Dead’s latest round of audience trolling. Maybe it’s time to mix it up, head off the well-trodden path and get a little weird with your scary. So I give you a few words to roll around in anticipation. Kurt Russell. Western. Cannibal troglodytes. Piqued your curiosity? Then saddle up, hoss. We’re gonna ride and have a jaw about Bone Tomahawk.

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“I Feel the Earth Move” on Guardians Of The Galaxy


Finally the Guardians of the Galaxy have found the Cosmic Seed, on Earth, where Thanos found them and took it from them like they were children (I could make a Star-Lord joke here, but I’ll refrain). Now Thanos is using the Seed to make the Earth into his own super-weapon, who can stop him? Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “I Feel the Earth Move.”

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Marie Gilbert Reviews Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight


I love a good western and I love movies directed by Quentin Tarantino, so when I had the chance to see The Hateful Eight, my hubby and I scooted over to the Deptford AMC Theatre. Sitting in one of Deptford’s comfy leather recliners with our hot chocolate and popcorn, we were ready for the three hour film and the anticipated action done 70 mm format style. Did Tarantino deliver? Grab a warm horse blanket and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

Gobbledygeek: Bone: Vol. VIII – Treasure Hunters


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents Gobbledygeek featuring hosts Paul Smith and AJ Wiley and focusing on a variety of entertainment subjects, with our hosts and special guests frequently discussing films, comics, and television.

This week, their examination of Jeff Smith’s Bone series continues, with guest Greg Sahadachny. See and hear more after the jump.

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Trailer Time: The Hateful Eight


Whether you spell it The H8ful Eight or The Hateful 8, or more traditionally, there is no doubt that Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is one of the most anticipated motion pictures in recent memory. Despite the stops and starts in production and the script being leaked to the internet along the way, a Christmas Day release is planned. Meet me after the jump for the first trailer to The Hateful Eight.

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Don’t Miss Out On The Big Trouble In Little China #1 On The Wednesday Run

Comics. Movies. Pop culture.

“You know, it’s a pretty amazing planet we live on here and a man would have to be some kind of fool to think that there isn’t”…pent up demand for action-packed stories that follow one of the biggest cult classic films of all time!

Remember that quote? Like Jack Burton at the Pork Chop Express, were you born ready?

Follow me after the jump if you were born ready for Big Trouble in Little China #1!

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