The Week In Horror: The Ranger, Mandy, Happy Birthday To Me

Hello, Fiends! I’m sure a lot of you are like me and spent a good chunk of your movie watching time to the Halloween franchise. Hopefully you’ve been following along with our reviews of each film in the franchise. Maybe you even went to see the new one that opened on Friday. If you’re on the fence about whether to go to the theater or wait for it to stream, let me push you off that fence. I’ve been a Halloween fan for thirty years now, starting when H4 was featured on the cover of the June 1988 issue of Fangoria. I have a deep love and affection for (almost) the whole franchise and I can say with no uncertainty that Halloween 2018 is probably the second best films in the franchise and one of the most satisfying slashers ever made. So congratulations to David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, Julie Greer, and the rest of the excellent cast and crew for a job well done!

But Halloween isn’t the only horror news we have this week; Shudder announced that they will be the exclusive streaming home for both Jenn Wexler’s punk rock slasher The Ranger and Panos Cosmatos’ trippy cult horror Mandy., both of which happen to be two of the best film’s of the year, by the way.

Hey! Remember 1981’s Happy Birthday To Me? Yea, me neither, except for that sweet VHS box art of the guy getting stabbed through the mouth with a shish kabob skewer. Well, if you ever wondered, like me, if that Canadian slasher was any good, we’ll all get the chance next week when Mill Creek and Walmart team up to release the exclusive Blu-ray which will come in a special edition VHS box, recreating the original art work. I love this idea, it’s the sort of thing that looks really good displayed on your shelf. Last year Target and Netflix did the same thing with Stranger Things season 1.


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