Trailer Time: ‘Halloween’ 2018

Michael Myers is one of the most recognizable horror icons of all time, a seemingly unstoppable masked killer with a penchant for babysitters and family members. But with all the sequels, reboots, and retcons, fans of the Halloween franchise have been through the wringer. Is Michael actually part of a cult? Is Laurie Strode really his sister? Why did the producers bring Busta Rhymes into this whole mess?

When the news hit that Danny McBride and David Gordon Green were making a new Halloween film, reactions were mixed. Fans weren’t too enthused about another entry in the series. Then Jamie Lee Curtis got involved, and the creator of the original film, John Carpenter, came aboard as both executive producer and composer. That got some noses open.

Now, we have a full trailer for the new film, also titled Halloween (a small change from the working title, Halloween Returns). It seems to take place directly after the first film, ignoring the events of the sequels. There is the dispelling of myths, the return of some familiar music, and teeth. All the teeth.

Check out the trailer for the new Halloween and let us know how you feel about the latest entry in the Haddonfield Multiverse.

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