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Rising Again From The Grave Is “Deadman #1” On The Wednesday Run

October 1967.

Fifty years ago.

That’s when Strange Adventures #205 hit newsstands across North America.

It was DC Comics’ first science fiction monthly comic book and it told tales featuring all sorts of weird and arcane…well, adventures, starring some of DC’s more obscure characters (as well as their more famous ones). It was a place for readers to see their heroes in unfamiliar settings as well as a proving ground for new characters. Captain Comet first appeared here. As did Star Hawkins, the Atomic Knights, Enchantress and Animal Man. You may know their names.

And then there was Deadman, created by comic book luminaries, Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino and later written and drawn by the legendary Neal Adams, who honed his pencil and ink chops on the character.

Biff Bam Pop! has featured the character of Deadman in a number of articles over the years. We begged for a film series here. We pleaded for a television series starring the beloved character here. And we featured him in this very column here and here among other pieces.

So, what is it that makes Deadman, the crime-fighting, supernatural ghost, who inhabits the bodies of the living so appealing?

Look no further than today’s risen-from-the-grave release of Deadman #1!

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Heroes and Villains – Reviewing Recent Comics 11-1-2017


This time on Heroes and Villains, we’ll be looking at a variety of comics out this week and last, from a variety of genres and companies. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Crosswind #5, No. 1 With A Bullet #1, Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender – North and South Library Edition, Neverland: Return of Hook one-shot, The Gravediggers Union #1, Elsewhere #4, Giant Days #32, Grandville Force Majeure, and more… be warned, there may be spoilers…

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The Flash S04 E04: ‘Elongated Journey Into Night’


Seems like old home week here on The Flash, as we’re introduced to not only the Elongated Man from the comics, but also Machete himself, Danny Trejo, as Breacher, Gypsy’s father. This should certainly be an interesting episode, especially after last week‘s seeming descent into jump-the-shark territory. Meet me after the stretch and the super speed jump for my thoughts on “Elongated Journey Into Night!”

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