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Outlander S03 E08: ‘First Wife’


Because I was on vacation last week, I wasn’t able to recap Outlander episode seven, “Crème de Menthe.” So, this is what you missed in a nutshell. (Note: There are spoilers for both episode seven “Crème de Menthe” and episode eight “First Wife”). Remember the guy who attacked Claire in her room? She killed him, despite her best efforts to save his life. He was sent by Sir Percival, who shows up at Madame Jeanne’s brothel in a fruitless search for Jamie’s illegal liquor. Ian Murray is looking for his son young Ian, and Jamie denies having seen him, even though his nephew has been working for him in his smuggling operation. There’s a fire at the print shop, after another of Sir Percival’s men searches it and finds pamphlets that could get Jamie into big trouble. We were introduced to brother and sister Archie and Margaret Campbell. Claire believes that Margaret suffers from a mental disorder. Will they pop up in a future episode? And what was the biggest revelation in “Crème de Menthe”? Jamie is married to another woman, and that’s sure to upset Claire. Caught up now? Okay, now on to episode eight, “First Wife,” after the jump.

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