Steampunk Granny Does Monster-Mania


I get myself into many adventures, and that’s okay, because you meet the nicest people. Some people are downright interesting. This past weekend, Cherry Hill, NJ hosted the Monster-Mania Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. What is Monster-Mania? I didn’t know, but I was about to find out.  Did I have fun? Find out after the jump.

I See Dead People

The place was packed with people of all ages. Mostly everyone there was dressed in costumes representing famous pop culture icons. I noticed that the most popular costumes dealt with zombies. Oh sure, there were some vampires and a few exhibitors that were creating ready to wear fake fangs for vampire lovers, but I think the vampire genre is slowing down and the shuffling dead is taking over; my apologies to Teams Edward and Jacob from the Twilight series.

Why are zombies so popular? My theory is this, it’s because the economy sucks big time right now. With the lack of decent paying jobs, decent healthcare and worrying about our polluted oceans and genetically modified foods, zombies have come to represent mankind on a crash course to extinction.


The Star Room

I’m a die-hard fan of “The Walking Dead” and when I found out that four of the stars were there signing autographs, I finagled my way into the star room and pass the long lines of people patiently waiting their turn for an autographed picture. I’m a grandmother of nine, and believe me, I know how to finagle my way into all types of situations.

Scott Wilson, who played Hershel Greene was there signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans. Scott Wilson is such a dashing figure, especially with his head reconnected to his body, and he was just wonderfully pleasant and patient with all his fans. You could tell he was having a lot of fun with the crowd.


I was able to chat with the handsome Chad Coleman aka Tyreese. He is such a teddy bear and he took the time to talk with me about his character, the attack on the prison, and his escape while hauling three screaming little girls with him.

A friend of mine, Leah Gelber DeCicco who played a zombie in the independent film called Witches Blood, surprised Chad Coleman with her costume; she was dressed as ‘rich bitch’ from episode 412 of “The Walking Dead.”


I didn’t get much of a chance to speak with Chandler Riggs, but the young boy known around the world as Carl Grimes was courteous and pleasant with every one of his fans. It’s not easy interacting with such a large crowd, but he handled himself professionally and I was impressed, especially because he’s so young.

Emily Kinney who plays Beth Greene on “TWD” was there, but I didn’t have a chance to ask her questions about last week’s show and her character’s taking on more of an active role, but I did get a shot of her leaving for a well-deserved break.


Steampunk Works

I had time to visit my friends who design fashionable Steampunk clothing for events and movies, Steampunk Works. Their outfits were featured in one of Ryan Scott Weber’s films, the aforementioned Witches Blood. If you’re looking for the best in Steampunk fashion, check out their site. I was a model in one of their Steampunk shows and you can check it out here.


I wrote an article about Producer Ryan Scott Weber and his horror trilogy Mary Horror on my blog, here. Both Ryan Scott Weber and Joe Parascand who plays Sheriff Tom Walker in all three of the Mary Horror films were able to chat with me. Joe Parascand was also featured on Biff Bam Pop! about his character as Sgt. Benson in Chris Eilenstine’s film The Soulless. You can find Chris’s interviews here and here.


My last stop was with Ed Cuffe the Producer of A Place In Hell, a Cuff Link Production which was inspired by the crimes committed by a real serial killer. Atif Lanier plays the part of serial killer, Harrison Graves.



I did have a great time and besides meeting some very nice people, stars included, there were enough strange and interesting people at the convention to keep me hanging around. The hotel security team was very helpful and patient, as were the featured vendors but, because this is a popular event, it was way too crowded. Will I go again next year? It depends on if Norman Reedus is there or not.

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