Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Bet


If you read my review of last night’s episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” you not only know that the series has finally hit its groove, and some of the mysteries running through the show have begun to break. You also know that a couple of our writers here at Biff Bam Pop! have a steak dinner bet going about what that blue alien really is. What do you think? We’ll explore a few of the theories after the jump.


Long story short, Agent Phil Coulson was killed by the villain Loki in Marvel’s the Avengers. When the “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” TV series began, he was alive and well, with very little explanation of how he survived. He was told he got better, was only dead for a short time, and recuperated in Tahiti. Much of the show has been involved in solving the mystery.


As it turns out, a weird new technology was used to resurrect Coulson, and he was dead for a while. We’ve seen flashbacks of machines poking at his brain and Coulson himself screaming that they should let him die. When Skye nearly died, he sought to save her as he was saved, with a secret miracle drug called GH-325. The team had to raid an non-SHIELD facility called The Guest House, where Coulson was operated on, to get it.

The GH-325 serum was found and administered successfully to Skye, but not before Coulson found out from where it originated. In a room, ominously marked “T.A.H.I.T.I.” he found the source of the miracle drug, a very large blue alien torso in a glass tube. Speculation as to what the creature really was set the internet on fire.

Lady Sif’s List

Marvel Comics has its share of blue alien races. Almost as a guideline, or a manifesto of what Marvel Studios owns and might appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe contains, in this week’s episode “Yes Men” we were provided with a list of some of them. Coulson outright asks Lady Sif what blue skinned alien races the Asgardians have encountered.


Sif mentions the Kree, a major race in the MU, whose existence are crucial to the origins of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, and have often clashed with the Avengers. They are a serious contender for what this body is. The Sarks appeared once that I know of, crossing paths with Warlock, who has often contended with Thanos, the big bad revealed in the after-credits sequence of Marvel’s The Avengers. Hercules has met the huge super strong Pheragots. The Levians have encountered Sif, Thor, and the Warriors Three. We saw the Interdites in the Quasar comic.

Two of Sif’s list stand out however, as we have actually seen them already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or will. She gives a shout out to the Centaurians, whose most notable member is Yondu, from the future version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. As I said in my review, Michael Rooker will be playing Yondu in this summer’s movie version of the present day team. And then there’s the Frost Giants, not really an alien race, but I’ll get to them shortly.

The Bet

In the heat of Twitter discussion after last week’s episode, Biff Bam Pop! writers Andy Burns and JP Fallavollita made a bet, with a steak dinner at stake, as to what the blue alien torso actually is. JP thinks it’s definitely a Kree. The Kree must be coming at some point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so why not now and here, right? Especially with a cosmic space movie like Guardians of the Galaxy on the horizon.


Andy firmly believes it’s not Kree. His thinking is that Marvel Studios wouldn’t introduce such a big money-making concept as the Kree in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” a TV show that’s not doing anywhere as well ratings-wise as it was thought to. They would save it for one of the movies. If you want to watch or join in the Twitter discussion regarding the bet, you can find Andy on Twitter here, JP here, and me here. Look for the hashtags #AgentsofSHIELD and #TheBet.

My Theory

My initial thoughts when I first saw the body were possibly another earlier version of Deathlok, or perhaps Coulson’s real or original body, but really in either case, why would it be blue? Then, like JP, I was thinking Kree as well, but then another theory came to mind. Could it be Atlantean?


Unlike the Sub-Mariner, who is half-human, most Atlanteans are blue. Some of my friends over at Avengers Forever on Facebook even offered the suggestion that the body was that of U-Man, the Nazi sparring partner of both Captain America and the Sub-Mariner, even going so far as to point out a swastika on the body. Good try, but my friend Skott Stotland of The Nerd Signal has pointed out that Namor’s film rights are held by Universal, so Atlantean is not likely.

Then the answer occurred to me. The large blue alien torso is that of a Frost Giant. Think about it. The drug made from it cured Skye, whose parentage has been another big mystery of the show, when Coulson was sure it might kill her. Skye has been defined as a “0-8-4,” which is code for a metahuman. Part-Frost Giant would fit. And why have we encountered more than a couple Asgardian threats in the show?


Could Skye’s father be Loki? She is quite mischievous, and plays both sides often… just like dear old Dad. It is notable that Lady Sif came to Earth seeking Lorelei on orders from Odin, and she specifically sought out SHIELD, not Thor or the Avengers. Was Dad checking up on his daughter? Because as we all know from the after-credits scene in Thor The Dark World, Odin is Loki… bwahahahaha!

What do you think the blue alien is? Let us know!

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