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Resurrection S01 E04: Us Against the World


The dead are not staying dead and ABC’s “Resurrection” has upped the suspense. It’s about time. Last week’s episode had Ray talking about a spaceship crashing into the river. So, I’m guessing the dearly returning dead have more to do with science than religion, which leaves us with two questions; clone or alien, and how the hell is Pastor Tom going to explain Rachael to the wife? I can’t wait to find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


The Walking Dead S04 E16: A


Season four has kept us on the very edge as we followed Rick’s scattered team through back roads, golf walkers, fog walkers, dirty diapers and a sociopath kid. Carol’s back, but Beth is lost, and Sgt. Abraham and his team want to save the world. Maggie and Glenn reunite, but Daryl is stuck with the bikers from hell. Will all roads lead to Terminus… and what the heck is Mary cooking? Let’s find out together. Read the rest of this entry

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