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Steampunk Granny Does Monster-Mania


I get myself into many adventures, and that’s okay, because you meet the nicest people. Some people are downright interesting. This past weekend, Cherry Hill, NJ hosted the Monster-Mania Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. What is Monster-Mania? I didn’t know, but I was about to find out.  Did I have fun? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


Director Christopher Eilenstine Talks About a New Zombie Film: The Soulless


Everyone at Biff Bam Pop knows that I’m crazy about zombies and thanks to my friends from Steampunk Works; I was introduced to Joe Parascand, an actor on the set of The Soulless. Through Joe Parascand, I had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher Eilenstine, Director, Writer and Executive Producer of the new zombie film. ‘The rules have changed’ and Biff Bam Pop! meets a new kind of zombie. Meet me after the jump for the first part of our interview. Read the rest of this entry

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