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Avengers Assemble S01 E17: Savages


Industrialist Tony Stark, besides being the invincible Iron Man, is a man of technology. So what happens on today’s episode of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” when Tony is challenged to swear off technology for a day? Think he can handle it? Maybe. But what if the rest of the team takes the bet and that day involves a visit to the Savage Land? Find out after the jump in my review of “Savages.”

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Non-Stops Hits Number One, Son Of God Close Behind – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

The early box office estimates are in, with news that the weekend was a lot closer than originally predicted. Here’s what went down:

NST_31_5_Promo_4C_4F.inddThe new Liam Neeson thriller Non-Stop flew to the top of weekend box office, bringing in a solid $30 million. However, right behind the film in second place was Son of God with $29 million. When it’s all said and done and the official tallies come out on Monday, there’s a strong chance than we could see a new number one. It makes for some exciting box office watching.

As for the rest of the top five, The LEGO Movie fell to third place with $20 million, bringing its month long total to an outstanding $208 million. Following in fourth was The Monuments Men with $5.1 million, while 3 Days To Kill closed things out in fifth with $5 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) Non-Stop $30 million
2) The LEGO Movie – $23 million
3) Son of God – $21 million
4) Robocop – $7 million
5) 3 Days To Kill – $5 million

And here’s how the weekend turned out:

1) Non-Stop $30 million
2) Son Of God – $29 million
3) The LEGO Movie – $20 million
4) The Monuments Men – $5.1 million
5) 3 Days To Kill – $5 million

Next weekend sees the release of 300: Rise of an Empire and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Be sure to check back on Friday to see our predictions.

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