Go South, Go Gothic With THE DARK & BLOODY #1 On The Wednesday Run

The Dark and Bloody #1 coverTwo years ago, television viewing audiences who love gothic horror mingled with their detective genre got a taste of the mind-blowing first season of True Detective.

It was as good as the medium of television could possibly get. Ah hell, it was as good as story could get: brilliant, encompassing fiction that went as deep as a viewer wanted to take it. True Detective was true art.

The series proved that there was a distinct interest in southern gothic horror – that those U.S. states were fodder for great storytelling.

And with the recent revival of the mature and sophisticated imprint from DC Comics called Vertigo Comics, horror is once again front and center. This week sees the release of The Dark & Bloody #1. Follow me after the jump for the horrific details!


The Dark & Bloody #1

Written by: Shawn Aldridge

Illustrated by: Scott Godlewski

Published by: Vertigo Comics

Writer Shawn Aldridge (Vic Boone) has stated that the premise for The Dark & Bloody, in fact the usage of the setting itself, came from his childhood upbringing in Kentucky and the local folklore he heard there. And those ideas and places are ripe fodder indeed: southern gothic horror and the culture and politics those U.S. states necessitate, along with long-standing and deep-rooted stories of witches and demons. As already mentioned, this reminds one of True Detective but you could go back to the early nineteen eighties, specifically the Louisiana-based gothic horror of the comic book series, Swamp Thing, under the pen and pencil of Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben.

The monthly series of The Dark & Bloody, however, is very much its own thing.

The Dark & Bloody tells the story of Iris Gentry, a war vet returned to his hometown from service in Iraq. There, he witnessed innumerable war-time horrors – while also harbouring a black and terrifying secret.

Now at home in a backward, “dry” county with high unemployment, Iris and his former ranking officer start running moonshine to make ends meet. But the consequences of his actions during his tour of duty have followed him all the way home – and it will have vengeance.

Joining series writer Aldridge is Scott Godlewski (Copperhead) on art duties, an artist whose sense of shadow and action is perfectly suited for the series. Fan favourite artist Tyler Crook (Harrow County) will also be around, lending beautifully unnerving painted covers to each issue.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and take a swig of the gothic horror that is The Dark & Bloody #1!

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