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The Librarians S03 E05: And the Tears of a Clown

Slow-mo clown walks, sassy second heads, and Sean Astin are just a few of the awesome things in this week’s episode of The Librarians.


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Star Trek: Into Darkness Shines (Kinda?) Bright: Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Wrap-Up Report

This week, instead of “Wrap-Up Report”, we should have titled this column the “Warp-Up Report”. I mean, really, there’s only one film to talk about, isn’t there?

Last Friday, our esteemed Editor-In-Chief, Andy Burns, threw down the gauntlet, decreeing that the latest iteration of the Star Trek franchise would beam up $90 million of box office revenue. Today, I get to sit in the catbird’s seat and reflect on his predictions alongside the actual numbers. It’s an easy job.

Did J.J. Abrams’ second stab at Trek beam up the goods? How did Iron Man 3 fare? And what did the classic The Great Gatsby garner from the movie-going public?

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Saturday At The Movies: The Greatest Gatsby

The summer movie season is in full swing and our next entry is Baz Lurman’s The Great Gatsby. This is a supposedly unfilmable novella. Other productions have been somewhat cursed.  Even the Robert Redford version fell flat. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Baz stated box office sales were of no concern. The truly artistic director saw this as a challenge to his creative yen and that was satisfied just by making the movie.  This attitude prepares you a bit for what you will see on the screen.  The love and reverence for which Baz holds Fitzgerald’s actual words is obvious. Not only do they literally float across the screen in some places, we see Nick Carraway’s narration literally rips quotes from the book.

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Iron Man Still Soars, Gatsby Surprises: Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

Despite lukewarm reviews, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby managed to exceed expectations this weekend at the box office. Here’s what went down.


While it didn’t receive much critical acclaim (par for the course with Baz Luhrmann films), The Great Gatsby had a fantastic opening weekend, bringing in a stellar $51 million. Audiences flocked to the visually stunning, 3D film (those higher prices definitely helped pad those numbers); we also can’t discount the ongoing popularity of Leonardo DiCaprio. While it has a way to go to make back it’s budget (estimated at over $100 million), I have a feeling that, based on this great start, the film could have some legs over the coming weeks. I know I want to check it out soon.

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Will The Great Gatsby Do Great Business? Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

Can Leo and The Great Gatsby take down Robert and Iron Man 3? That’s the question for this weekend. Here’s our prediction.

TheGreatGatsby2012PosterThe one big new release of the weekend is the long awaited Baz Luhrmann 3D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. A classic story that’s been adapted to film throughout the years, this new version promises the great visuals Luhrmann is renowned for. However, the director’s films often offer lots of style, but can be short on substance and reviews haven’t been kind. The studio is going to have to rely on Leonard Di Caprio’s star power to give this film a shot at box office gold, but I have a feeling The Great Gatsby won’t be the success everyone is hoping for. Look for a second place showing with $40 million.

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