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Saturday At The Movies: REC 3: Genesis

The “found footage” genre of film making is getting a little long in the tooth for my liking. It seems that every other horror film that hits the silver screen is “cobbled together” from somebody’s home video. Hey, I loved the first Paranormal Activity flick, but how many of those do we actually need?

Sorry, I don’t mean to pick any of you PA fans out there, I’m just saying, you know?

Ok. So, let me ask the same question about some “found footage” films that I really do like. Fair’s fair, after all.

The Spanish films REC and REC 2 rank as two of my all-time favourite films in the horror genre. The evidence of that can be found here. I really feel that they, specifically, not only build smartly on the “food footage” genre but also build on the Zombie lore in film.

But REC 3? REC 3 was always going to be different.

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My Favourite Horror Film: JP Fallavollita Had His Nerves Wracked With REC

We’ve all had varying experiences with the plethora of faux-documentary horror flicks this past decade, all the result of the true (and worthy) progenitor of the genre, The Blair Witch Project. Many of those films, unfortunately, have been lackluster and uninspired; either watered-down derivatives of the original or poorly made copies of lesser offerings.

Still, very occasionally, a film is made that brings something new, something truly – and deliciously – terrifying to the genre. In the case of the 2007 Spanish movie REC, it was something even more than that.

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