The Week In Horror: The Crow, REC + More

Another week has come and gone and here we again, kids; time for your Week In Horror…

Did you catch our Richard Kirwin’s coverage of the return of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein? Check it out HERE!

Hillarious House of Frightenstein

Well, it appears the curse of The Crow continues. Both director Corin Hardy (The Hallow) and star Jason Mamoa (Justice League) have exited the reboot this week. Predictably, many on the internet celebrated the film’s demise, which I find cruel and stupid. Hardy has been working on a faithful adaptation of the original comic and not a re-do of the Alex Proyas 1993 original, which starred Brandon Lee, who tragically died on set. I’d bet almost anything that Hardy would have made a film that would have pleased fans of the comic and possibly turned fans of the film. But we’ll never know, huh? Don’t celebrate people losing their job. That’s stupid. I’m looking forward to what have Hardy does next and maybe we’ll get a cool Crow film later. Mamoa has the first live action Aquaman next year, directed by James Wan.


Scream Factory announced a REC box set is on its way. All four films on Blu-ray, arriving on September 24th. I’ll be honest, I’ve watched exactly zero of these movies, because I have a really hard time getting behind found footage, but I just keep hearing about how good these films are. So, I think I’ll give them a shot when they arrive on the best format, just in time for Halloween.

So, Fangoria Magazine returns this October…and now they’re producing a film? Well, right on. Grady Hendrix, writer of the novel My Best Friend’s Exorcism and co-writer on Ted Geogehan’s film Mohawk, has written a screenplay about a pizza delivery girl fighting for her life against a Satanic cult. The film is called Satanic Panic, but that’s about all that has been reported thus far, as there’s not even a director attached yet. Um, Corin Hardy is no longer busy.

imgres-7.jpgWeekly Recommendation;

The Funhouse directed by Tobe Hooper 1981

Tobe Hooper’s (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eaten Alive, PoltergeistThe Funhouse (written by Larry Block) is a slow burn suspense ride, that plays out in a funhouse ride after hours. Four teenage friends (and one pesky younger brother) are trapped in the funhouse and stalked by a deformed carny and his vile, twisted father, after they witness a murder. Shot on location in Florida, Hooper crafted yet another hick-sploitation classic, with a real surprise for a villain. There’s definitely a real kinship with TCM and Eaten Alive, but Hooper showed enough polish and craft with The Funhouse to land himself the job of directing Poltergeist for Steven Spielberg. Hooper created a sweaty, creepy atmosphere and celebrates the horror genre with both homages to classic films and some wholly original shots that are haunting.  I feel like The Funhouse is often overlooked in Hooper’s overall filmography.

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