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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy S02 E06: ‘Black Helmet Woman’


What happens when Gamora takes possession of a black Nova Corps helmet (or vice versa) to lead Nebula and her fellow Guardians of the Galaxy on a raid to infiltrate the Believers?  Find out after the jump in my review of “Black Helmet Woman.”

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Guardians of the Galaxy S01 E15: Accidents Will Happen


Now that Star-Lord has found not only his father, but discovered that he’s Spartaxian royalty as well, things should be going pretty well for him and the Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Don’t bet on it. In the immortal words of Puffy, Mase, and Biggie – “Mo Money Mo Problems,” so meet me after the royal jump for my thoughts on “Accidents Will Happen.”

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Saturday At The Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy


I think some folks are afraid to say it, but I’m not. Guardians of the Galaxy is the best movie of 2014, and it’s only been out a couple days. I saw it once and I want to see it again. When’s the last time you heard someone say that about a movie? This is the one. Meet me after the jump for a quick spoiler-free review of Marvel’s newest hit flick, Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Trailer Time: Guardians of the Galaxy – International Trailer 2


After a couple of the most entertaining and amusing trailers we’ve seen in the superhero/scifi genre in some time, the new international trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy takes a more serious turn, and also gives us a bit of background on Star-Lord, played by Chris Pratt. Take a peek, after the jump.

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