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Remembering George Romero


We have lost writer/director/actor/visionary/legend George Romero. He passed away yesterday, peacefully in his sleep, after a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer. His family was by his side, as he listened to the score to one of his favorite films, The Quiet Man. He even passed away as a class act. He was 77. Meet us after the jump for some of our memories here at Biff Bam Pop! of this amazing man.

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Remembering Jonathan Demme: The director was a master of the intimate moment


With his passing on Wednesday, I sat down to watch a couple of Jonathan Demme’s best films. Demme’s never been in the pantheon; he’s not one of the revered directors of his generation like Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola. But with films like Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia, and his superb music docs on the likes of Neil Young, Talking Heads and Bruce Springsteen, he made an indelible mark on popular culture.

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Dead or Alive Lead Singer Pete Burns Dead at 57


Less than a week before the special release of Dead or Alive’s Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI compilation set was to be released, the news has come that 1980s pop icon Pete Burns, the band’s lead singer, is dead of a heart attack at the age of 57.

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RIP Darwyn Cooke


It is always a terrible thing when someone you love, even if you don’t know them personally, is ripped from you suddenly. Only yesterday the world learned of comics writer/artist Darwyn Cooke’s battle with cancer, and just as suddenly, like Bowie and Prince, the man was torn from us. Meet me after the jump to remember Darwyn Cooke, one of the most innovative talents in comics.

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Remembering Gunnar Hansen

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Biff Bam Pop! Remembers Wes Craven


Here at Biff Bam Pop! we cover all aspects of pop culture – film, television, comics, music, even podcasts – but we have a very special place in our hearts here for horror, and this weekend, we lost one of the giants of the genre, filmmaker Wes Craven. You can read editor-in-chief Andy Burns’ brief memorial here, but if you’ll follow us after the jump, you can read the thoughts of other staffers and contributors to the site. Rest in peace, Wes Craven.

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Remembering Sir Christopher Lee


Whether you know him as the classic old school Dracula of the Hammer Horrors or his more recent roles as Saruman or Count Dooku in the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars films, you know that today we have lost a true legend of the screen – Sir Christopher Lee. Join me after the jump to remember this great man.

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Guest Blogger Robin Renee’s A South of the Border Salute to Stompin’ Tom


Stompin’ Tom button by artist Steve Rolston

Musician and writer Robin Renee remembers Canadian legend Stompin’ Tom Connors, please check out this very special memorial after the jump.


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RIP Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman passed away yesterday, appropriately in Dallas, from complications of his ongoing battle with cancer. The veteran actor and director was 81.

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