The Week in Horror: Hauer, ‘Halloween,’ and Harrelson

Happy Sunday, campers! Are you remembering not to fuck by haunted lakes and not go investigate strange noises on your own? Of course, you’re not! Because you’re not boring! So what’s new this week?

First and most importantly, take your hats off and gave a moment of silence in remembrance of one of the greatest actors to ever grace the screen; Rutger Hauer, gone at 75. 1982’s Blade Runner was my introduction to the man’s work. His performance as replicant Roy Batty is perhaps his most iconic role, so scary, funny, and empathic. But I struggle to think of a single movie he appeared in that was a throwaway. Among my favorites are Ladyhawke, a fantasy epic where Rutger plays a man cursed to become a wolf at night, while his love becomes a hawk by day and they are never able to be together. Then there’s the sci-fi epic Split Second which has a Blu-ray release coming from MVD. Surviving The Game, an action update to The Most Dangerous Game, in which Rutger stars alongside Ice-T and Gary Busey. Batman Begins gives Rutger a smaller, but memorable, role. And Hobo With a Shotgun, which looks and sounds like a throwback to Troma’s glory days, but my God, what a beautiful and emotional film it is beneath the blood and guts. Shit, it’s a perfect movie. Watch it. Not with kids or grandmas. Perhaps though, my favorite Rutger role, at least as close to Blade Runner, is The Hitcher. Co-starring C. Thomas Howell, The Hitcher is like Jim Thompson wrote a slasher film. It’s a southwest neo-noir nightmare road movie with Howell being stalked by a murderous hitchhiker (Hauer) across the desert. The movie is a tension-filled bloodbath. You can find it on Amazon, in a shit quality transfer, but I hear tell there’s a region free German Blu. Rest easy, Rutger, thank you for everything. (This scene is everything.)

We’re getting a Blair Witch video game! That’s very cool. You play a member of a search party looking for a missing kid who got lost in those evil woods. I guess it takes place around the time of the original movie. That sounds amazing. There’s a bit of gameplay below. I don’t see a release date yet, but if you’re a horror game fan, this looks like something to be excited about!

In Duh! news, Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, who returned to the iconic role in the 2018 sequel, has confirmed that Michael will be back for next year’s Halloween Kills and 2021’s Halloween Ends. Also, it’s rumored that Tommy Doyle may be returning, so uh, Paul Rudd better get out his runes and get his PTSD on! We’ll see. We know nothing but titles and release dates at this point. But I’m in all the way regardless.

Zombieland: Double Tap trailer? Ok, yes, this looks really funny. Here you go, enjoy it! The whole gang’s back, with Rosario Dawson!


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