Noir Thrills & Meta Secrets Revealed In The ‘Super Spy HC’ On The Wednesday Run

In case you haven’t noticed, Biff Bam Pop! is just now beginning its’ yearly Holiday Gift Guide series of articles – a few days earlier than what we’ve done in the past, showing how excited we are for “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Yes, there’s plenty of great pop culture items to share these days, and we’ll be sure to let you know about each and every one of them. Still, new comic book releases happen weekly and some of those releases make for great gifts in addition to your own, personal, reading.

Today we get the best of both of those particularly wonderful experiences. It’s easy to imagine yourself (or someone close that you’ve gifted some great reading to), spending the holiday season completely immersed in a comic book thriller unlike any other comic book thrillers out there.

Spies. Conspiracies. Deception. Furtive plans. Life and death and an interactive reading experience.

That and more is what you get with the deluxe hardcover edition of award-winning artist/writer Matt Kindt’s absolutely wonderful, Super Spy.

If you’re a regular visitor to Biff Bam Pop! you know how much we love our Matt Kindt comic book stories. From his acclaimed Mind MGMT series, to his underwater thriller, Dept.H. or his barbarian-out-of-time BRZRKR tale, co-written alongside Keanu Reeves, anything Kindt does has us paying attention. And that’s true of his Super Spy stories. Today, Dark Horse Comics gives Super Spy the deluxe treatment, collecting the original series alongside Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers for a 448-page secret agent extravaganza.

The Super Spy HC is a series of fifty-two interconnected short stories about, what else?, a global selection of spies during World War II.  In true Kindt fashion, a creator who loves the comic book art form and pushes its boundaries like no one else today, the meta tales can be read either sequentially or in any order. Astute and multiple readings are on the menu as Super Spy takes us from top-level secrets hidden in a children’s book, a desperate swim across the English Channel, g-work beyond even death itself and creative toys, diagrams, gadgets, cut-outs, codes and cyphers.

All of that and the creator’s commentary to boot!

Really, readers are the protagonists here and Kindt’s got them hooked, as active or as passive as they want to be. In any experience, the Super Spy HC makes for fun, compelling and absolutely thrilling reading. That’s the kind of creativity on offer today – remember: Kindt is the man who gave us a comic book accompanying a vinyl record, so you know you’ll be outside the box when you sit down in your favourite reading chair and crack this book open.

It’s no secret!

Whether it’s for your own pleasure or a as gift for a friend this holiday season, make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the fascinating and totally engrossing thriller that is the Super Spy HC today!  

You can catch a preview of the Super Spy HC right here.

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