Don’t Get Caught Out Of Your DEPT.H. #1 On The Wednesday Run

Dept.H 1 coverMind MGMT, one of this writers’ fave reads over the last decade or two and was a sort of call-to-arms for writer/artist Matt Kindt. It proved that his very indie sequential art storytelling style could appeal to a more mainstream, mass audience.

And that it did.

Through thirty-six (and maybe a few more if you count on-line productions) monthly issues of Mind MGMT – each full of mystery, shock, mythology, espionage and critical acclaim, Kindt wove a tale unlike any have read before – a truly original work.

Today, Kindt plunges into the deep waters of originality once more with the release of the first issue of his new monthly series, DEPT.H

Follow me after the jump for a murderous dive!



Written by: Matt Kindt

Illustrated by: Matt Kindt and Sharlene Kindt

Published by: Dark Horse Comics


Not only did The Wednesday Run weekly column showcase the first issue of Mind MGMT #1 back on May 23, 2012 (which, incidentally, you can read right here), but Biff Bam Pop! also got the chance to interview creator Matt Kindt at the very beginning of that series. You can read that illuminating interview here.

All that to say: we know how to pick ‘em!

And now we’re picking DEPT.H. Because, you see, in Kindt we trust.

So what’s DEPT.H. all about?

Mia is a special investigator, hired to sift through apparent sabotage, solve a murder and uncover a possible company mole in the depths of a deep-sea research station. Amid secrets, an impending flood, strange undersea creatures and the weight of billions of gallons of seawater on her, Mia’s own brother might be on the list of suspects.

It’s murder. Six miles deep. And in the very first issue, we’re asked: who killed the smartest man on earth?

Joining Matt Kindt on this monthly voyage is his wife, Sharlene Kindt, who gracefully and dutifully adds a visual sense of murky uneasiness to the story via her watercolour artistry. Her palette of cool to cold blues and greens and standout oranges to complement those shades, while affecting the viewer, is a revelation – adding so much emotion (and wetness!) to each page.

You can find a preview of DEPT.H #1 right here. As a gift for regular readers, monthly issues will contain exclusive content – a Matt Kindt hallmark!

As with all of the best Kindt stories, and like the title itself suggest, there’s more to DEPT.H than what is seen on the surface. These waters run deep. Fathoms deep. Mysteries abound here. Trust no one.

Take the plunge with the rest of us at your local comic book shop and find out for yourself by picking up your copy of the mysterious, fascinating and altogether riveting DEPT.H #1 today!

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