Become An Agent With ‘MIND MGMT Comic Book & Vinyl Record’ On The Wednesday Run

Here at Biff Bam Pop!, we’re huge fans of writer/artist Matt Kindt and his MIND MGMT comic book series. Huge!

By golly, we’ve highlighted that acclaimed series about spies, extraordinarily powered humans, secretive organizations and world domination multiple times over the years, including the publication of the very first issue, which you can read here, as well as the collected first volume which you can read here.

Without a doubt, it’s one of this writer’s favourite comic book series of all time!

Mind MGMT Comic Book and Vinyl Record by Matt KindtIt feels good to be supportive of great pieces of art that are created by talented and friendly people and Biff Bam Pop! got the chance to interview the very amenable Matt Kindt the month after the release of the very first issue of MIND MGMT back in 2012. It’s a short, but wide-reaching interview that traverses the creative process, artist style, and the comic book itself.

MIND MGMT was a series that would shape Kindt’s entire career and make him one of the most sought after artist/writer contributors in the comic book industry as well as a fan and critical darling.

This week makes for a strange Wednesday Run column. Although there are loads of great, new comic books hitting the store shelves today, if you’re going to make any run – it’s got to be towards your computer or tablet or internet-enabled phone device.

Late last week, Kindt revealed the latest chapter in the MIND MGMT saga, and, keeping true to form, he’s turning the industry on its head!

MIND MGMT – Comic Book & Vinyl Record
Written and Illustrated By: Matt Kindt
With: Clint McElroy
Published By: Mind MGMT Productions (and You!)

Once again motivated by nostalgia and sequential art, Kindt brings something new to the decades-old commingling of comic books and the 7” vinyl record.

This is a new, standalone chapter in the MIND MGMT oeuvre, where visuals, words and sounds coalesce to produce something greater than any individual element. It’s a risky endeavour, creatively and financially, and to mitigate a certain amount of risk, Kindt has taken to Kickstarter – and you.

You see, along with an organization called “MIND MGMT PRODUCTIONS” you are the publisher of this particular piece of art!

With various levels of pledges, there’s something for everyone here:

  • A digital PDF and audio file for $5 US
  • Comic book & vinyl record and digital PDF and audio file for $25 US
  • Limited edition book plate and sketch and everything already mentioned for $100 US

In the last five days, a whole host of amazing pledges have already sold out – and stretch goals have already been met! There is definitely demand for Matt Kindt, MIND MGMT and this creative pursuit!

As a sneak peek, you can listen to a snippet of the audio of the vinyl release – which sounds amazingly cool:

Although you won’t have this book and vinyl record in your hands today (it’s scheduled to ship across the globe in November of this year), Biff bam Pop! had to make sure you knew about it!

Get your kicks and visit the MIND MGMT – Comic Book & Vinyl Record Kickstarter page here.

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