Gather Together And Steel Yourselves For ‘The Lonesome Hunters #1’ On The Wednesday Run

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating that we here at Biff Bam Pop! love the southern gothic horror and fantasy series, Harrow County, and the art of that title’s co-creator, the award-winning Tyler Crook.

If you’ve missed any of our fondness for that comic book series, feel free to get caught up on all the love here, here and most recently, here.  

Today sees our excitement raised more than usual with the eagerly anticipated release of Crook’s latest horror-tinged fantasy adventure, a book that he both writes and illustrates: The Lonesome Hunters.  

Last Saturday, Biff Bam Pop! contributor, comic book fan and purveyor of all things awesome, UncleHighlander, covered The Lonesome Hunters in his weekly Read This Book column. He gave it a highly enthusiastic recommendation, which you should take a look at.       

The Lonesome Hunters #1 written and illustrated by Tyler Crook; published by Dark Horse Comics.

Published by Dark Horse Comics (home of Harrow County), The Lonesome Hunters is a monthly creator-owned series care of Tyler Crook. This book is all his, in all of its’ dark and brooding and absolutely juicy horror.

But it’s humanity and the relationship between the old and the young that lies at the heart of the story.  

Here, young Howard is given a heavy burden by his monster-chasing, cold, calculating, and driven father: a magical sword to dispel evil, allowing its wielder a supernatural long life – and, importantly, the weight of knowledge that the world is replete with wickedness. After a harrowing loss, Howard hides himself away for decades. Now old and out of practice, his path crosses with that of a young girl besieged by monsters herself.

The Lonesome Hunters promises to be a coming-of-age tale that examines the experiences we have as children and the legacy and repercussions they have as we grow older.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the meaningful and wonderfully horrific fantasy that is The Lonesome Hunters #1!

You can catch a sneak peek at the first issue right here.

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