Return To Southern Gothic Fantasy & Horror With ‘Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Here at Biff Bam Pop!, we love ourselves some horror! Heck, even though we write about the genre all year ‘round, we even dedicate the month of October to it – that’ show much we love it! Whether it’s books or poems, music, films or television, we dig all things that teeter or dive deep into the darker corners of pop culture.

And, of course, horror-tinged comic books are no different. We love them, too.

One of our all-time favourite horror comics is the southern American gothic Harrow County series, published by Dark Horse Comics. You might remember us highlighting it over the years – both here and here, specifically. Written and illustrated by award-winning fan favourites, Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook, that series ran for thirty-two monthly issues and then lived on in a series of various short form publications that sought to broaden the Harrow County world and its darker denizens.

Still, there was plenty of uncertainty and much musing over the title’s main protagonist, Emmy and her monstrous companion, the Abandoned and what exactly happened to them at the close of their tale.

Well, wonder no more! Today sees their story finally continue with the release of Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1!

Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1 written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Tyler Crook; published by Dark Horse Comics.

Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones is a brand new miniseries from original creators, Bunn and Crook, and takes place ten years after a powerless Emmy and her hulking friend walked away from their small-town home.

Lots has happened in Harrow County during the intervening years, but eager readers have always wanted to see Emmy again. Turns out, it’s an easy thing to walk away from everything you know – except that everything you know has a way of haunting a person. And now, living a quiet life in the city, Emmy learns that some dark things can’t be left behind for long!

Harrow County is one of the most magical, frightening and endearing tales you could ever read and this new chapter is sure to scare and delight old and new readers alike.

 Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1!

You can catch a short preview of Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1 right here.

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