Biff Bam Pop! Kids Presents In The Game: ‘Mario Strikers: Battle League’ Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Some might call it football, others might call it soccer, but for Nintendo fans, they call it Strikers!

That’s right, Mario Strikers: Battle League has dropped for the Nintendo Switch, and the BBP! Princess has been stepping up to the plate (wait, that’s not right), and test driving (hold on a second) the game. She’s here to share her thoughts on the latest Nintendo exclusive.

Andy Burns: So I just watched a trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League, and I don’t know what to make of it. Can you explain the game to me, and our readers?

BBP! Princess: It’s a soccer game with Mario characters. That’s the best description that I can give you.

Andy Burns: So, we’re pretty much looking at another Mario Sports game that uses familiar characters, right?

BBP! Princess: Yes, but not. It’s not like other ones, because it’s a lot more competitive. I find it fun, but it’s kinda hard. I think I prefer games like Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush, where it’s kind of easier to play for me

Andy Burns: Oh, that’s interesting. Normally these games are a home run for you.

BBP! Princess: Yep. I like it, but it’s definitely hard for me. The controls aren’t my favourite, they’re as easy to master. A game like Mario Golf: Super Rush was one that I immediately knew how to play, I didn’t have to think about. I wish Mario Strikers: Battle League was a little more like that.

Andy Burns: That seems like a fair and smart observation. On the plus side, at least, there’s lots of familiar faces in there. Who are some of your favourites, and why?

BBP! Princess: Rosalina, because in my opinion she’s the coolest Mario Princess, and she looks good in this game. The graphics in Mario Strikers: Battle League are really great, I just wish the gameplay was a little easier. And also, the screen is zoomed out in a way I didn’t really like.

Andy Burns: Do you think this is a game that older kids or adults would get into?

BBP! Princess: Yes, I do, because the players online, who I played against were just too competitive. It’s a good game, Nintendo doesn’t make “bad” games, but it’s not my favourite compared to the other Mario sports games that have come out. But that’s ok, you know what game I’m still liking?

Andy Burns: Tell me!

BBP! Princess: Nintendo Switch Sports! I’m still playing that game a lot, and I still love bowling. It’s one of my favourites. So, I’m going to go back and play that, and maybe I’ll play Mario Strikers: Battle League again sometime.

There you have. It’s interesting to hear the BBP! Princess not totally love a Nintendo exclusive, so I’m temped to dive in myself and see what it’s like. I always find it interesting personally to see which games grab her and which don’t. Like she says above, she really has been into Nintendo Switch Sports, which doesn’t include the core, familiar franchise characters, but does contain relatively easy to use game play.

Based on our talk, I’m guessing that while older gamers might like Mario Strikers: Battle League, younger ones might be content to stick with some of the other Mario Sports titles that are available.

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