The Witchcraft Sadly Ends In ‘Harrow County #32’ On The Wednesday Run

The witchcraft of Harrow County is ending. It’s true.

After nearly three years of monthly publication the scary southern Gothic stories of Harrow County are coming to an end with the publication of Harrow County #32.

It’s a sad time, no doubt, for those of us that developed a magical kinship to Emmy and Bernice and the Abandoned beast that fought off all types of snakes and evil. Cullen Bunn’s masterfully tense and eerie storytelling has been a joy to read month in and month out, and Tyler Crook’s dark watercolour imagery was unparalleled in both its ability to disturb and delight.

Harrow County Cullen Bunn Tyler Crook Dark Horse Comics comic books horrorHarrow County #32
Written By: Cullen Bunn
Illustrated By: Tyler Crook
Published By: Dark Horse Comics

It’s a difficult time, certainly. I loved experiencing the forests and fields, old barns and myths of Harrow County on a regular basis. But all great stories come to an end, I suppose. And the story of Harrow County has been an exceedingly memorable one.

Biff Bam Pop! has written about the series on a number of occasions. This very column has mentioned a previous issue in a past column focusing on our annual 31 Days of Horror theme. You can read that piece here. We’ve also highlighted the series in our annual Holiday Gift Guide – way back in the early days of 2015, which you can ready here.

At once, it’s been personal, and horrifying, shocking and lovely. Harrow County is a wonder, and everyone should be reading it, if they haven’t done so already.

In today’s final issue, Emmy and Bernice take on the wickedly evil witch, Hester Beck for the last time. All things end. And with the ending of the series, one side must win, absolutely.

If you haven’ been a regular reader of Harrow County, there’s good news on this day: you can easily find the various softcover compilations of the series at better comic book stores and book shops everywhere. Really, it couldn’t’ come more recommended.

That said, make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Harrow County #32. Say farewell to Harrow County and all of its magical denizens – and all of the friends we readers have made over the last three years!

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