Trip Through The “Ether #1” On The Wednesday Run

ether-1-coverHolee molee there’s a litany of awesome creator-owned science-fiction and fantasy comic books around these days!

From Seven to Eternity to Black Science to Saga to Monstress, to Red Thorn to name only a few!  There’s a litany of amazing reads available to us each and every week, and we here at Biff Bam Pop! love every single one of them!

And since there’s so much love to go around, why not add another to your fervent reading pile?

This week sees the release of Ether #1 from the critically acclaimed (and one of The Wednesday Run’s favorites) writer and artist, Matt Kindt!


Ether #1

Written by: Matt Kindt

Illustrated by: David Rubin

Published by: Dark Horse Comics


So, over the years, you may have read us gushing about the lauded Mind MGMT series by Matt Kindt. We interviewed him about the title in those very early days, before it was on the front-burner of many industry pundits and well before Ridley Scott’s production company optioned the series for film or television.

We’ve followed Kindt’s career closely ever since, most recently with DEPT.H., his creator-owned, written and illustrated science fiction, deep-water mystery, series.

Today brings us the first issue of Ether, a new miniseries that he’s writing – this time joined by David Rubin on art duties.

Full of science-fiction, fantasy, adventure and intrigue, Ether sees Kindt and Rubin at their world-building and story-driven finest. In wild colours and imaginative character designs, it tells the tale of Boone Dias, a science-minded, inter-dimensional explorer, who has skipped himself into a fantasy world where the magical inhabitants ask him to answer all of their mysteries!

Of course, with Kindt and his penchant for mind-bending stories, nothing is ever as it seems. Living in two very different worlds, can Dias keep the real and the abstract separate?

You can catch a sneak peak of a few pages of the first issue of Ether right here.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up what is sure to be an engrossing, magical read with Ether #1!

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