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The Flash S03 E05: “Monster”


Oh sure, there’s an actual monster in this episode of The Flash as the title indicates, but that title is more about the monsters we see everyday and don’t quite perceive as monsters… until it’s too late. Find out who the real monsters are, after the super-speed jump, in my review of “Monster.”

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Drop A Pretty Penny For The Very Pretty “Absolute Batman: Year One” On The Wednesday Run

absolute-batman-year-oneIt’s November.

So, if you’re like me, you might be thinking about what to get yourself this coming holiday season. Heck, why not treat yourself to something on the upcoming Black Friday? You’ve been good this year.

Or, maybe, you just don’t need any justification to “look after number one”. Any old day will do.

If that’s the case, “any old day” is today.

And the treat?

The treat is as classic as classic comes in the history of the comic book medium.

The treat today is the classic, the gorgeous, the absolutely necessary in any collection, Absolute Batman: Year One!

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