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The Top Ten Things I Still Want to See on The Flash


We’ve been given a gift as far as superhero television goes in The Flash. Not only have we’ve gotten a terrific, accessible, and entertaining TV series about superheroes, they have also gone above and beyond when it comes to presenting hardcore comic book mythos on the small screen. After all, who would have ever thought we’d ever get the DC Multiverse on prime time TV? We have the Invasion, Gorilla City, and more crossovers and team-ups coming, but what else could we get? Meet me after the super speed jump and I’ll give you my top ten things I want to see on The Flash!

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Never Too Young to Kill: Mary Bell on True Crime Corner



On the last edition of True Crime Corner, I featured notorious child killer Albert Fish. If you thought only adults were capable of murder, think again. Meet Mary Bell, convicted at age eleven of killing two young children.

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