American Horror Story, Roanoke Season Finale: Chapter Ten


On the last episode of “American Horror Story” there is only one person left alive. Is Lee Harris still possessed by the Butcher? Will we be treated to another documentary, or the trial of the century? Will Lana Winters get the juicy scoop from Lee?


We get a flashback to happier times when the cast of My Roanoke Nightmare is at The Paley Center fan fest where everyone loves them. The audience is even dressed as some of the ghosts from the documentary and those pig heads were pretty nasty. Now things have changed for our sole survivor and Lee has to stand trial for the murder of her fellow cast members. Why they are blaming Lee is a bit confusing especially since Audrey tried to kill her in Chapter Nine.


The prosecutor wants to lock Lee up and throw away the keys and we are walked through the OJ version of Lee’s first trial where Lee’s attorney blames the bad weed and the torture at the hands of the wacky Polk family as the reason that Lee confessed to Mason’s murder. The prosecutor even has Flora testify against her momma. Flora, while hiding in the woods with Priscilla the ghost, saw her mother kill her father with a rock. Maybe it was the mention of ghosts that swayed the jury, but Lee gets a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Lee won the case, but lost her daughter.


Sarah Paulson’s character Lana Winters is best remembered as a journalist who was committed to Briarcliff Manor in season two of American Horror Story, Asylum. With the addition of Lana to the season finale, Ryan Murphy is able to connect the dots between seasons 2 and 6 by bringing back a much loved character.


Lana looking very much like a Barbara Walters clone invites Lee Harris into the studio for an interview. Lee only agrees because she knows Lana’s history and feels that she and Lana face a similar past when it comes to monsters. Lana, who tells her audience that Lee is still under suspicion of killing her husband, allows Lee to feel comfortable by asking a seemingly simple question. “How are you?” Lee smiles and answers the question, but she’s no dummy. Lee has done her homework on Lana and even mentions Lana’s dealings with Bloody Face. The interview reveals that Flora is living with her paternal grandparents and the only way Lee can get her daughter back is through a custody battle.


We have a big problem in this country with assault rifles and I liked how this theme was worked into the story tonight when Lot Polk seeks revenge on Lee for killing his family. Lot comes in, guns a blazing, and threatens to kill Lee, but her mind is on her missing daughter. Lana is hit with the rifle and Lot is shot dead by the police. Except for those two boys who were taken away from the Polks, much of the cannibalistic hillbilly family is gone. Lee goes searching for Flora and she knows exactly where she’s at. We get to see the fabulous Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters one more time.

Spirit Chasers

After all the deaths that had happened in that house, you’d think that professional ghost investigators would be more careful. Ashley, the man who played Cricket in the documentary is there and he’s none too happy with the activity that begins as soon as the cameras are set up. Nothing this investigative team did was accurate or represented what goes on in a real investigation. You don’t break the rules be they manmade or supernatural. The ghost hunting team broke into the property and they chose the night of the blood moon to do their investigation. NO! NO! NO! That’s not how it’s done. It isn’t long before the members of Spirit Chasers are all dead, including Ashley and two local police. Lee shows up looking for her daughter.


This season had only ten episodes, but I swear it felt like twenty and not in a good way. My main complaint was that each episode felt rushed. Tonight was no different. I am a big fan of documentaries and ghost stories, but the Roanoke documentary was way too gory for a ghost story. I would have loved to find out more via the POV of the ghosts that were prisoners of the Butcher. Were they forced to help her? I ask this question as a professional investigator. My experience with the dead is this: you are in death as you are in life. The Chens were good people in life. They should have remained good people in death.

Like I said before, there are rules. Ghosts, especially negative entities, can cause you harm. There are documented records of people being scratched or shoved and, sometimes a death will occur. Check out my story on the Angry Ghost. But, with a real ghost story you won’t get the gore that was in Roanoke.


The ending for the season finale was actually enjoyable. After the deaths of the Spirit Chaser crew, the house is surrounded by the police and the local news stations. While everyone waits for Lee (Adina Porter) to turn herself in, we learn that Flora wants to stay with Priscilla. Lee may have screwed up her life, but she loved her daughter. Lee took Flora’s place as Priscilla’s protector, but to do so she would have to become a ghost. Flora is safe and the story ends with the Butcher and her colony watching the house burn to the ground.

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