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Trailer Time: Gotham (TV Series)

Gotham TV LogoIt’s no secret that Warner Bros. has been making big bets with a slate of new television shows based on superhero properties owned by DC Comics. Through the success of Smallville, and the more recent Arrow, we’ll soon have The Flash.

And hours after being picked up by FOX for a full season, the first trailer for one of the most eagerly anticipated 2014 fall television offerings just dropped.

Follow me after the jump and feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping Batman-inspired origin tale called Gotham!

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Resurrection Season Finale: Torn Apart



Holy Revolving Door! Rachel won’t stay dead, and Arcadia is overrun with dead people. With the military convoy heading over the hill, what will happen to Jacob? Find out after the jump.

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Game of Thrones S04 E05: First of His Name

got f

A contrite Cersei? A doubtful Dany?  Broke Lannisters and neck-snapping Hodors?  It was like Opposite Day in Westeros this week on “Game of Thrones.”  More after the break!

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