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In The Flesh S02 E01: Season Premiere


What is it with our fascination with the shuffling, rotting, dead people? Do zombies help us deal with our own unavoidable appointment with death? Maybe… maybe not, but you have to admit that zombies are never dull and there are books, movies and television series to prove this. Last year, BBC America showcased a three part supernatural drama series called “In the Flesh,” created and written by Dominic Mitchell, it focuses on events after the zombie apocalypse and in particular on the rehabilitated zombies. Can zombies mingle with the living? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


Game of Thrones S04 E06: The Laws of Gods and Man

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An exciting new city unfolds on the opening credits, a King fails his credit check, a big sister goes on a rescue mission, a Queen discovers exactly how heavy a crown can be, a trial begins in betrayal, a whole lot of inspiring speeches get shouted through gritted teeth, and a quick moving and tense episode six sets us up for and exciting final four episodes (and can I tell you how much it hurts to write that?)  Find out more after the break.

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