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Steampunk Granny Goes Red Carpet At The Soulless Premiere


Well, I’m not sure if there was a red carpet there or not because the lobby was packed with people waiting for Chris Eilenstine’s film, The Soulless, to begin. Excitement was in the air and cameras were flashing as I mingled with the stars and guests. Did Granny have fun at the premier? Was the film good? Present your ticket stub and find out. Read the rest of this entry


In The Flesh S02 E02

In The Flesh

The war is on between the radical Undead Liberation Army and the Human Volunteer Force, and while the Vicar hoped for a second rising, his heart attack enabled Vicus Maxine to steal the book and the names of Roarton’s re-animated. Kieren is not only on that list, but out of a job thanks to Gary, a bounty hunter who hunts the rabid dead. Will Amy and Simon, both disciples of the Undead Prophet, convert Kieren to their radical beliefs? Let’s visit the merry town of Roarton to find out. Read the rest of this entry

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