Trailer Time: Gotham (TV Series)

Gotham TV LogoIt’s no secret that Warner Bros. has been making big bets with a slate of new television shows based on superhero properties owned by DC Comics. Through the success of Smallville, and the more recent Arrow, we’ll soon have The Flash.

And hours after being picked up by FOX for a full season, the first trailer for one of the most eagerly anticipated 2014 fall television offerings just dropped.

Follow me after the jump and feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping Batman-inspired origin tale called Gotham!

OK. Wait no longer. Feast your eyes on this:

Gotham isn’t merely a Batman origin tale. No, it’s a crime drama that highlights the corrupt city itself, and the villains and vigilantes that push and pull Gotham towards both light and all-consuming darkness.

Seen through the young eyes of Detective James Gordon, (played by Ben McKenzie of Southland, The O.C.), the series will also focus on characters like Detective Harvey Bullock (played by Donal Logue of Sons of Anarchy and Vikings), Oswald Cobblepot, who will eventually become the villainous Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), Selina Kyle, the eventual Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), Edward Nygma, otherwise known as the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler (Sean Pertwee ).

Based on this trailer, Gotham has all the look of a cinematic movie, one that takes its aesthetic from the Christopher Nolan films: dark, gritty and realistic. It looks like we’ll see lots of young Bruce in this series. If Batman is going to become the world’s greatest detective, why not start his study in his own hometown, with the one detective attempting to solve the murder of the child billionaire’s parents?

I’m dubious about FOX. They don’t exactly have a great track record in promoting sound pop-culture ideas. But FOX outbid other suitors for this show, so you know they’re serious. And if the writing can stay anywhere close to the feel of the Gotham Central comic book series, which we’ve reviewed here on this site, they could be on a winner here.

Gordon, Wayne, Pennyworth, Bullock, Kyle, Nygma, Cobblepot and even Eisley! Before they became the characters we know today!


What do you think?

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3 Replies to “Trailer Time: Gotham (TV Series)”

  1. I don’t like the kid villains. What the hell is that? Do they think this show will last till their adults because otherwise it will be just an endless tease for the entire life of the show 🙁

    1. Hey Tim, I think I generally agree with you – it’s on the cusp of feeling forced, isn’t it? Seeing a young Poison Ivy was a shocker to me. That said, it’s not strange to see that characters like Cobblepot, Nygma and Kyle all grew up in Gotham alongside Bruce Wayne. This is as much their origin as his.

      For Wayne, I think it makes a lot of sense for him to be around GCPD and taking an interest in their craft. Just like it makes sense to see up-and-coming underground criminal, Cobblepot, rise to become one of Gotham’s crime lords as the Penguin.

      A lot of Scott Snyder’s work on the recent “New 52” Batman monthly series ties into the history of Gotham and the young Bruce Wayne. I’d definitely recommend reading that series – and I hope the writers of Gotham are inspired by it.

      Conceivably, you could have the first five seasons of Gotham (if it lasts that long) allude to stories about Bruce before heading off to college. If the series lasts any longer than that, he can prematurely return from school in time to see Joe Chill’s court case, the hit on him by the Gotham mob, and then Bruce’s flight abroad to learn about criminality a la the Nolan films. Maybe that’s how the series ends, 7+ years of television in a perfect world.

      Still, I think the main character of this series should be Gotham itself. I hope it is!

      1. Good points. And I just thought that if the show is a hit there is no reason time jumps couldn’t be used in later seasons. Been done before. Not that I ever want Batman actually in this show because that wouldn’t really work. Make it about Gordan.

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