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BBP Exclusive: Leiki Talks To X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Shawn Ashmore

Biff Bam Pop’s Leiki Veskimets and Shawn Ashmore have been friends for over 10 years, so with “X-Men Days of Future Past” coming out and “The Following” renewed for a third season, it seemed like a good time to try her hand at interviewing him about all things Shawn, Iceman and Mike Weston.  This exclusive interview to BiffBamPop took place in April.  Read her in-depth profile of the ‘coolest’ guy she is proud to know after the jump.

Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore

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The Saga Continues in Saga #19 On The Wednesday Run

Star Wars. The Last Starfighter. Dredstar. Warlord. Atari Force. Epic Illustrated.

These are just a few of the comic book and pop culture sagas and mythologies that I remember very, very fondly from my youth. You can imagine the excitement of people who share the same sort of enthusiasm for science fiction and fantasy when it was announced that fan-favourite writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y the Last Man) was writing a new monthly series, appropriately called Saga. It was to be a storythat touched upon all of those previous remembrances.

Now, after a (long) two-month break, this now-beloved story continues in Saga #19 – a beginning of its fourth storyline arc.

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