Resurrection Season Finale: Torn Apart



Holy Revolving Door! Rachel won’t stay dead, and Arcadia is overrun with dead people. With the military convoy heading over the hill, what will happen to Jacob? Find out after the jump.


While Rachael looks down on her own bodily remains and Bellamy calls his boss for advice, Maggie confronts her mother and wants to know why she hid at Sam’s house. Barbara tells Maggie that she doesn’t love Fred and that he wasn’t that nice of a person. Yes, Barbara but what does that have to do with you contacting your only child?


Poor Maggie had to grow up motherless and when mom comes back from the grave, she picks Sam over her. That sucks! At the urging of her daughter, Barbara (April Billingsley) visits Fred to tell him it’s over. Most of the time the living will forget their dearly departed’s flaws and place dead family members on a pedestal. But, will the returning dead be as forgiving? Barbara will not forgive Fred his faults and Fred gets revenge.



While Lucille and Henry learn about the Thompson’s past and their missing baby boy, Fred sends out a phone prompt telling the returned to come to the school gym for temporary identification cards and flu shots; flu shots? Fred could care less about flu shots. This is his way of getting control. What he didn’t expect was the military showing up, thanks to Bellamy’s panicked call to his boss. When Colonel Stone (Mike Pniewski) asks for Fred’s evaluation of the situation, Fred’s reply is, “We do whatever necessary to protect the living.”

Revenge has a way of backfiring and if history has taught us anything, it’s this. When we start to isolate people because they are different from us due to color, ethnicity, religion, class, we become less human; monsters, and what starts out as a quarantine building usually ends up as prison camps. Fred’s comment forces Colonel Stone to bring in more soldiers and bigger guns.


Bellamy knows what’s going down and there is only one way for him to get as many of the returned free; fire alarm. Maggie and Dr. Ward also realize what is happening with this refugee setup and they hide the list that contains the names of the returned, but Sheriff Fred won’t rest until all the returned are gathered in that building. He sends his deputies to get Jacob.


While Pastor Tom takes the Thompsons and Rachael to safety, Bellamy convinces Lucille and Henry to send Jacob away with him and it’s a good thing because Sheriff Control Freak Fred shows up at the front door. Lucille, with one slap to the face, lets Fred know what she thinks about him, but it’s Henry’s remark that hurts more. “Dad was right about you.” Bazinga!

Resurrection ep 8

Pastor Tom is not the brightest bulb in the group and of all the places that he could have hid the Thompsons and the still pregnant Rachael, dummy bring them to his wife. What makes Tom think that his wife won’t turn Rachael in? Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) isn’t the ‘turn the other cheek’ type of woman.

Bellamy, with Jacob hiding in the car, is driving down the highway and to the town limits when he spots something on the road. No! It’s not another Rachael, but tons and tons of insects. Not sure, but they look like Cicada’s. Is there an entomologist in the audience to confirm this? While Bellamy and Jacob watch an insect fly over to them, they are surrounded by the military.


I’m wondering if this event is happening outside of Arcadia and if so, what will happen to all the returned. There’s certainly not enough room or food on this planet to feed the living and the dead. Maybe, Sheriff Fred’s comment to Colonel Stone will come back to haunt him, especially if more dead people show up. Will the next order given by Colonel Stone be the order to thin the herd?


I’m not sure if you recall the Thompson’s talking about their missing baby boy or that he had a birthmark, but Bellamy has unknowingly helped his parents and sister to escape. Let’s hope he gets to celebrate this reunion.

Sheriff Fred is quite the spiteful man, but with the military in charge, he’s been demoted and I’m pretty sure, Maggie won’t be quick to forgive him.

resurrection cast

I don’t know if “Resurrection” will be renewed, but even though it had a slow start and the numbers weren’t what the network was hoping for, I think we should give the show a chance. There’s enough mystery and intrigue to keep us returning.


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  1. I loved the finale, especially the last scene with Bellamy being revealed as the Thompson’s son; I believe I just read that “Resurrection” was renewed so here’s hoping for more revelations in the 2nd season…my wife and I are betting they’re aliens who are co-existing with the memories of the humans they’re portraying.

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