Riddle Me This Batman #29 On The Wednesday Run–March 12, 2014

Since DC Comics’ whole “New 52” initiative started nearly two and a half years ago, one of the most consistently entertaining titles the comic book company has published has been Batman.

Restarting the series with a brand new, fresh-faced “#1” on its cover has allowed writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo the opportunity to re-tell Batman stories from…well, from the ground up, essentially. Still true to superhero purists, this Batman series has mined the history of the Wayne family, the secrets buried in Gotham City’s past, and re-laid the blocks that make Batman, Batman.

Of course, that also means re-laying the blocks of the Dark Knight Detective’s villains, too! Riddle me this, dear reader: what Batman villain has the most to gain from a re-building?

Answers await after the jump!

Batman 29 coverBatman #29

Written by: Scott Snyder

Illustrated by: Greg Capullo

Published by: DC Comics

Starting off their run on this new Batman title, pop-culture archaeologists Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo dug deep into the history of Gotham City and its founding fathers – with the Wayne’s being one of them. Through the first year’s worth of issues, they gave us the creepy, mystery-laden, and now much admired “Court of Owls” storyline. It was a new history, built or a new present.

In the second year on the series, Snyder and Capullo gave us a maniacal (as always), criminally brilliant (naturally) and altogether grotesque, Joker. No one had seen a Joker like this before – where his very appearance turned the stomach and divided readers into two distinct camps: those that were open to this new direction and those that could not see past the disturbing shock value. Either way, it was untrodden territory for a Batman/Joker story and a story that will surely be remembered as one of the best Batman/Joker tales.

More recently, Snyder and Capullo have presented readers with “Zero Year” – stories that mine Batman’s early years and the beginnings of his partnership with James Gordon. We’ve seen the Red Hood gang in one storyline. Now, with issue #29, we begin the conclusion to another origin tale – this one starring a Machiavellian version of the villain called the Riddler.

Known also by Edward Nygma, this Riddler is hideous in his twists and mysteries. He’s a new, modern day re-think on an old character and one would make for a great film version! Gone are the laughing and silly Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey. Instead, we have a cold and calculating strategist of a villain, one who is always a step or two ahead of Batman.

Batman #29 is an extra-sized issue that culminates this particular chapter of Batman’s ongoing origin – as well as that of the Riddler. Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up this book!

At the end of this particular riddle is a new, albeit familiar, beginning!

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