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Take a Virtual Reality Tour of the ‘City of Ghosts’

Over the weekend the Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS) took over the House of VR in Toronto.
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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Samsung’s Virtual Reality


Everyone at Biff Bam Pop knows that Granny is severely tech challenged, but that doesn’t stop me from loving gadgets. In fact, I was eager to find out everything about the new VR equipment for my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone. I quickly headed over to the Deptford Mall Verizon Store to learn everything about virtual reality. Was I wowed by my investigation? Grab your Samsung phone and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

TIFF’s Virtual Reality Show a Revealing Revolution

Eagle Flight, from Ubisoft

The revolution is coming. It’s coming for your flat screens and your movie theatres and when it’s done, nothing will be the same. Virtual reality has at long last arrived, with tech that is ungainly, expensive and wondrous. Like all tech innovations, the race to consumer affordability is on, and within five years you can bet that VR will be cheap and ubiquitous. Right now, though, we’re in the supercomputer-that-fills-a-room days (metaphorically—the actual gear is already quite compact). In Toronto, TIFF saw the exciting breakthroughs in the medium and seized the opportunity to let people experience VR firsthand, minus the outlay for an Oculus rig. POP 03 is TIFF’s latest public pop-up installation, a three-day hands-on for people to check out what VR is about. I got my own eyes-on yesterday, and I gotta tell ya, the impact is powerful.

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See the Batman: Arkham VR Fan Reaction Trailer


In June, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced Batman: Arkham VR to excitement from fans all over the world. If you haven’t witnessed first-hand what it’s like to become Batman, then the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham VR will give you a glimpse of what players are calling the closest you’ll ever get to stepping into the role of the World’s Greatest Detective.

In this first Dark Knight virtual reality experience, you’ll descend into the Batcave, don the cowl and immerse yourself in Gotham City and Wayne Manor like never before.

Batman: Arkham VR is the winner of the first ever E3 Game Critics Award for Best VR Game. Developed by Rocksteady Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham VR is based on DC’s core Batman license and will be available exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system with PlayStation®VR in October 2016 for MSRP of $29.99.


Fan Expo 2015 – Project Morpheus, Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted and more…


I haven’t been to a Fan Expo in a few years, so when I got the tap on the shoulder from our fearless leader Andy Burns to head to Fan Expo 2015 to get the scoop on the new Playstation offerings, I was stoked. I love the atmosphere at these events – Fan Expo in particular. The cosplay, the games, the freebies…it always adds up to a great overall experience.

In a turn of luck, I arrived a bit late to my Playstation tour – after a bit of a mix-up – to find out that I was gonna go through with none other than ex-EP Daily host Shaun Hatton, who I watched all the time on TV (and who also throws an awesome party called Nerd Noise Night every year in TO coinciding with the expo). We met up with Robert and Maria from Media Profile and Richard from Playstation and the tour was on! Read the rest of this entry

Biff Bam Pop’s The Comic Stop Exclusive Interview: Peter Bagge On His New Dark Horse Series Reset

What if you could do it all over again? Talk to that girl or guy in high school that you always got tongue-tied around. What would you say? Would it be any different this time, or would you make it even worse than before? That’s what beloved Harvey Award winning writer and artist Peter Bagge asks with his new Dark Horse Comics series Reset, in which down on his luck comedian Guy Krause is offered the chance to reset pivotal moments in his life via virtual reality. Peter was kind enough to answer some questions via email about Reset, his inspiration, creative process and much more.

Andy Burns: Congrats on the first issue of Reset – as someone who often wishes they could go back and change some pivotal moments in my life, I really enjoyed the story. On that note, what was the genesis of Reset?

Peter Bagge: Like I assume everyone else that ever lived, it started with me wondering “what if” and “if only.”  I then tried to imagine it actually happening, but had to ground it in reality somehow to make it work as a story for me.  The whole “relive your life VIRTUALLY” thing was the only way I can see that happening.  From that starting point I had an easier time imagining the bugs and pitfalls of such a thing than I did any potential fun or benefits.  I’m a hopeless cynic.

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