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BBP! Fan Expo Canada: Day 3 Guide (Saturday)

Fan Expo CanadaIt’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.

And today’s marathon lasts from 10 AM to 7 PM and it will have you shoulder to shoulder with thousands – THOUSANDS – of other pop culture participants!

Saturday, Day 3 of Fan Expo Canada, is the busiest of the three days. And although that might mean some longer line-ups, it also means amazing atmosphere. The cos-players are out in full force today, so you’ll be seeing every character from comic book and Star Wars lore to video games, anime and manga. Needless to day, it makes for fantastic visuals!

Best of all, if you’re a shopper, you should start to see the beginnings of discounted items later this afternoon. Regardless, haggle anyway. Believe me, you’ll be successful in bringing a price down!

Besides the shopping and the sightseeing, here’s what Biff Bam Pop! thinks you should be checking out on Fan Expo Canada Day 3:

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Biff Bam Pop’s It’s All Connected: Cinematic Universes All The Way Down

NickFury-IMTen years ago, we didn’t have cinematic universes. We had franchises, and every studio dreamt of them, even though what they dreamt of would usually peter out after a trilogy.

But then 2008 happened. Iron Man came out and walloped audiences at the end with an appearance by Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury and the introduction of the Avengers initiative. Rapid announcements of a series of Marvel movies came, and the concept of the Marvel Cinematic Universe began to take shape.

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Today, We Are Gathered Together By Unity #1 On The Wednesday Run–November 6, 2013

A phoenix from the ashes. That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about publisher Valiant Entertainment.

Founded in the late 1980’s as Valiant Comics by Marvel Comics legends, Jim Shooter and Bob Layton, sold to video game maker Acclaim in the mid 1990’s and shuttered in the mid 2000’s, Valiant Entertainment (as it’s now called) was resurrected in 2005 but really rose to prominence in the comic book scene only last year.

But it’s today that the publishing company of superhero comics comes into its’ own. Today sees the release of Valliant’s first superhero team-up book with Unity #1 – history in the making!

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