Road to Justice League with DK’s Wonder Woman and JL Ultimate Guides

This Friday sees the release of the long-awaited Justice League film. Well, long-awaited for folks who may have avoided the recent DC Universe films or weren’t entirely impressed by the ones they saw. Look, I hear you. Man of Steel lacked optimism, while Suicide Squad lacked pretty much everything that’s supposed to make a movie good. However, though I may stand on my own, I do believe that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a masterpiece in its Director’s Cut form (go watch it – I’ll be here when you get back in three hours).

Expectations are high for Justice League, and if you’re a fan you’ve probably been doing some prep work leading up to the movie. At our house, we’ve been combing through recent DK books devoted to both Wonder Woman and the JL, which are outstanding historical and visual documents. No surprise, of course, as the publishing house is the master of pop culture encyclopedias.


Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide To The Amazon Warrior and Justice League: The Ultimate Guide, both written by Landry Q Walker, carry on the tradition of previous Ultimate Guides. Core characters, events, and comic book issues are spotlighted. Even more exciting is that both titles are as up to date as the could possibly be, tying into DC’s current bestselling Rebirth initiative.


Want to find out who Wonder Woman’s related too? It’s here.
Which DC Universe characters have been members of the Justice League? Oh, hello! They’re all here.
Headquarters, assistants, and big bads? Check, check and check!

There’s definitely a little bit of overlap between the books, seeing as Wonder Woman is part of the Justice League on and offscreen and there’s a shared history happening, but taken together, readers get an outstanding look at one of the most enduring comic book franchises in the genre.

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