Wakanda Forever! ‘Black Panther’ in Theatres and Your Bookshelf

Hey, how about that Black Panther movie?

I had the chance to see the film last night, and I was just as impressed as every one else has been. Ryan Coogler’s script and direction was flawless as far as I’m concerned, and the cast was absolutely A+. Chadwick Boseman exudes heroism, confidence and compassion, while Michael B. Jordan just keeps getting better and better as an actor. It is such a shame that he was completely wasted in Fantastic Four, but hey, if that movie would have been a success perhaps we would have missed him as Eric Killmonger.

Of course, these men were surrounded by incredible work from Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright and Angela Bassett. As I said to my girlfriend walking out of the film last night, I found those actresses and their characters to be even more empowering than the ones in Wonder Woman. I mean no disrespect to Gal Gadot or the film; for me the character’s naïveté is a bit of a miss, though certainly keeping with the fish-out-of-water aspect of the story. The whole time watching Black Panther, however, I kept thinking of epic films like Spartacus or even Clash of the Titans, films that depict the hero’s journey.

The hype around Black Panther is genuine, and the movie delivers on it, setting the scene for the next generation of superhero films.

Leading up to the movie, I had a chance to go through Black Panther: The Ultimate Guide, the largest and greatest hardcover from our friends at DK. Honestly, the publisher is so consistently solid with their books, I’m running out of superlatives with which to use

Written by Stephen ‘Win’ Wiacek, the colourful book gives you a complete look at the character’s development and history, which is helpful for a newbie like myself when it comes to King T’Challa. Unlike so many Marvel Zombies, I never read much of his exploits growing up. Instead, it’s only been over the last few years, specially with Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars and Infinity that I’ve really been able to appreciate the character.  From supporting characters and classic storylines, key issues and more there’s an incredible mythos to Black Panther that I never knew about, and Wiacek’s book is the perfect place to start for newcomers.

Find out for yourself : you can order Black Panther: The Ultimate Guide here.

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