The Week In Horror: Vigilante, Swamp Thing, Supernatural

This edition of The Week In Horror with Tim Murr features news on Supernatural’s final episodes, Swamp Thing on The CW + more.

The Week in Horror: ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Harpoon,’ ‘Swamp Thing,’ and ‘Rambo’

Monsters, both reptilian and human, dominate The Week in Horror as Tim Murr talks about the new ‘Swamp Thing’ series and the final ‘Rambo’ film.

The Week In Horror: ‘American Horror Project Vol. 2,’ ‘Child’s Play,’ ‘The Last Drive-In,’ ‘Swamp Thing’

Big news from Arrow Video, WonderCon, and the DCEU as Tim Murr remembers some genre icons while celebrating the drive-in mutants in ‘The Week in Horror.’

Predator Week: ‘Predators (2010)’

Predators offered a great twist on the story; instead of the Predator coming to Earth to hunt humans, we learn they are kidnapping the most dangerous humans they can find and bringing them to their world for hunting in a massive game reserve.

Sleepy Hollow S02 E01: This Is War

Holy Purgatory on Toast! The season one finale of “Sleepy Hollow” left us with a few dilemmas. Henry Parrish is not only the second horseman of the apocalypse, but he’s … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow S02 E01: This Is War