The Week in Horror: ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Harpoon,’ ‘Swamp Thing,’ and ‘Rambo’

Happy Sunday, fiends! It’s time for The Week In Horror! See anything new? I introduced my daughter to the glory that is Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep. Otherwise, I’ve been buried in repairing my 100-year-old house most of the weekend. You want to experience real horror? Buy a 100-year-old house. You’ll scream in terror as the wiring reveals a thousand ways to kill you.

But what’s happening this week?

Godzilla; King of the Monsters is sitting on top of the box office this weekend. No surprise, the critics are groaning about…stuff. Whatever. I’m still going to see it and I imagine I will love it as I loved the first one, Skull Island, and most Godzilla films in general. I’ll have more thoughts after I see the damn thing.

We have our first look at Yellow Veil Picture’s demented horror comedy, Harpoon! Directed by Rob Grant, Epic Pictures acquired the film at Cannes this year. Starring Munro Chambers, Emily Tyra, and Christopher Gray, Harpoon is a violent, funny, and twisted story of three friends who find themselves stranded on a yacht under mysterious circumstances.

Did you check out the premiere of DC Universe’s new Swamp Thing series? I did and I loved it! Gruesome eco-horror with shades of Lovecraft and John Carpenter’s The Thing. The cast is damn good and, like Titans and Doom Patrol, DC, James Wan, and company made changes that made sense and maintained major story points without simply regurgitating comic panels. I cannot wait for the next episode and will certainly be rewatching the series a few time.

Horror adjacent? Well, hardly. the Rambo series has always been straight action, with varying degrees of intelligence. But after the gorefest of part 4, the Rambo saga has been of some interest to horror fans. Star Sylvester Stallone is no dummy and knowing what people responded to in the last entry, it looks like he’s doubling down on the violence in Rambo: Last Blood. I’m in. I’m a fan since the original film and this looks killer.

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