The Week In Horror: The Nun, The Predator, Mandy, Swamp Thing, Venom, Zombieland 2

Hello, fiends! How’s horror faring at the box office? Let’s take a look!

The Predator from Shane Black and Fred Dekker hit theaters this weekend, going up against The Nun, which debuted the previous week, and the new Nicholas Cage vehicle, MandyThe Predator opened with $24 million compared to The Nun’s $53 million. Monitoring horror news on social media I’ve seen a number of trusted critics deeply divided on The Nun, with little common ground between whether it’s actually good or not, while there has been more of an ‘eh’ attitude towards The Predator. And then, at a mere $244k, Mandy doesn’t even compete with these two or The Meg, which dropped just last month, but is scoring far higher with critics across the board.

Huge Swamp Thing news; Derek Mears (Friday The 13th 2009) has been cast as Swampy and will wear a physical suit, rather than be CGI-ed! This follows news of James Wan leading as producer and the show adapting the classic Alan Moore story “Anatomy Lesson.” Swamp Thing will debut next year on DC’s streaming service and promises to be violent and scary.

File under ‘Wow Not Surprised’; Venom is no longer the promised rated R, instead it will hit theaters with a PG-13. The director has hinted at a possible unrated DVD. We’ll see.

Zombieland 2 appears to be on track to start filming this January, aiming for an October 2019 release, with all surviving cast members returning for another go around with the undead. In the sequel we’ll see our heroes facing an evolved zombie threat as well as new humans and their own family dynamic.

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