The Week In Horror: Vigilante, Swamp Thing, Supernatural

Happy Monday, fiends! Well, the longer we go in quarantine the less news there is to report. Nothing is shooting, all productions shut down, new releases becoming sparse.

BUT, Bill Lustig, director of such classics as Maniac, Relentless, and the Maniac Cop films did drop news on Shockwaves Podcast that he’s working on the 4k release of his Robert Forester/Fred Williamson dark action classic Vigilante. That’s frigging amazing news. You like the original Death WishVigilante is even better. Just watch this chilling trailer!

It seemed like big news when it was announced the CW had acquired Swamp Thing, but unfortunately there are no concrete plans to shoot a second season. Instead, the first season from DC Universe will re-play on the network this Fall in place of all the other DC shows that won’t be back until next January (and knowing where some of these shows left off, that’s a hell of a wait). I don’t now if this means anything for the announced Justice League Dark for HBO Max, which will feature both Swamp Thing and John Constantine. Hopefully, Swamp Thing coming to CW will blow away enough new fans to demand a second season. The series, in addition to introducing us to Swamp Thing, also gave us the first live action versions of The Phantom Stranger and Blue Devil. I think Madame Xanadu already exists in the Arrow-verse.

This was supposed to be the final season of the CW’s Supernatural, which has run for a staggering fifteen seasons, and for a TV horror series, it’s been mostly pretty damn good. There were a couple of bigger over-arching stories over the years that I liked a lot less than the creature of the week episodes, but I’ve gotta give the cast and crew credit. I liked their vampires and werewolves, I liked their take on the Wendigo, I liked the network of hunters, and Sam and Dean have remained one of the most enduring and entertaining duos on TV. Of course, the final season was cut short due to Covid-19, but CW promises the final seven episodes will air this fall. So hang tight, true believers.

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