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IDW Brings The Return of Rom this May

This just arrived in my mail box from our pals at IDW. Check it out! The legend of Rom is true, and he returns in May!

Rom the Space Knight began life as one of the first LED-driven action figures in the late 1970s, then went on to much more acclaim as a comic book hero. Now, removed from comics for over three decades, the character is being given new life in Rom the Space Knight, an all-new comic book series from IDW Publishing.


Rom the Space Knight #0 will make its debut on the first Saturday in May as IDW’s “Gold” offering for Free Comic Book Day. The annual FCBD event sees thousands upon thousands of comics from all publishers given away for free at participating comic shops. The comic will be co-written by IDW Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and acclaimed comic-book/TV writerChristos Gage. Art on Rom #0 will be handled by David Messina, who will also be sharing artistic duties on the ongoing Rom series. The cover art for Rom #0 is by theWild Blue Yonder team of Zach Howard and
Nelson Daniel

“It’s no hyperbole for me to say that launching a newRom comic is one of the things we’ve most wanted to make happen for fans,” said Chris Ryall. “I know this because I’m one of them. The character has been absent from comics for too long and we can’t wait to introduce this all-new version to the world.”

Rom the Space Knight tells the story of Rom, a member of the benevolent Solstar Order and greatest of the Space Knights, interstellar soldiers in a centuries-old war with the Dire Wraiths. The Wraiths are a race of alien invaders who’ve destroyed many planets and infiltrated Earth for nefarious purposes. Read the rest of this entry


Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – Hey Kids, Comics! by Rob Kelly


If you’re perusing the Biff Bam Pop! Holiday Gift Guide for the perfect gift for your comic book fan boy or girl, this may actually be what you’re looking for. Hey Kids, Comics! True-Life Tales from the Spinner Rack edited and compiled by Rob Kelly might just be that perfect gift.  Interested?  I’ll tell you more after the jump.

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The Comic Stop: KISS #2 and Mars Attacks #2 Reviewed

The Comic Stop is back with two cool titles from our friends at IDW. Both of them offer up iconic imagery and characters that we’ve all grown up on and both are far better than you might expect. Check out our reviews of Mars Attacks #2 and KISS #2 after the jump!
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Biff Bam Pop’s The Comic Stop Exclusive Interview: Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz Talk IDW’s New KISS Comic!

A brand new KISS comic is coming???

I’m there, just like I have been for the band (or brand, depending on your point of view) since the summer of 1996, when I first saw the original line-up at their make-up clad best (I did see the band on their 1992 Revenge tour, and while it was good, it’s just not the same as Klassic Kiss). Every since the Alive! Worldwide tour, I’ve been a member of the KISS Army, collecting figures and comics, and buying and rebuying their albums in various configurations.

So when I say I’m stoked that KISS is teaming up with IDW for a new comic books series, you know I’m not foolin’. What’s even more exciting is the fact that the forthcoming series is in the hands of two diehard KISS fans, IDW Chief Creative Officer and Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall and Senior Staff Writer/Editor Tom Waltz. The duo talked to me via email about the new series, how it ties in to the KISS comic mythology and so much more. So put on your favourite KISS album (I’m hitting play on Sonic Boom) and let’s get this place…hotter than hell!

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