Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – Hey Kids, Comics! by Rob Kelly


If you’re perusing the Biff Bam Pop! Holiday Gift Guide for the perfect gift for your comic book fan boy or girl, this may actually be what you’re looking for. Hey Kids, Comics! True-Life Tales from the Spinner Rack edited and compiled by Rob Kelly might just be that perfect gift.  Interested?  I’ll tell you more after the jump.

As comics fans and readers, sometimes we get caught up, really caught up in the minutia and trivia of the comics. The continuity, the continuities, the who’d wins, the eternal question of who’s got better heroes, villains, and comics – Marvel or DC, or Image or someone else? We get stressed out over which version of Batman, which X-Man is cooler, or the shrinking list of folks who aren’t Avengers. We forget about the joy.

This is a book about joy. The joy of being a comics reader, the wonder of being a kid, or a young adult, or even an adult, discovering comics for the first time, of learning about this new world, of the chase of finding that longed after issue, or sharing with friends a beloved comic or character. First wonderment, nostalgia, and joy – that’s what Hey Kids, Comics! True-Life Tales from the Spinner Rack by Rob Kelly is all about.


Rob Kelly, a friend, an artist, possibly the world’s most enthusiastic Aquaman fan, and the writer and co-creator of the brilliant and award-winning webcomic Ace Kilroy, has compiled stories of comics fans and professionals and why they love comics for this book. It is truly a work of joy and fandom in its best light.

Read the experiences and stories of media and industry professionals and comics fans like Steve Englehart, J.M. DeMatteis, Alan Brennert, Sholly Fisch, Paul Kupperberg, Steve Skeates, Evan Narcisse, Roxanna Meta, Glen Weldon, Robert Greenberger, Javier Hernandez, Jill Pantozzi, Chris Ryall, Elisabeth Rappe, and Doug Slack, ‘the comic book baron of New Jersey,’ among many others. This is truly a work of love.  Check it out here on Amazon, and if you’d like to hear an interview with Rob about the book, he visited The GAR! Podcast here.


Do you remember your first comic book? Your first trip to a comic shop or a comic con? The first time you found that issue you had been looking for? Or that time your mom threw out all your comics? Hey Kids, Comics! by Rob Kelly will bring back that feeling of nostalgia and make you smile. Like I said, the perfect gift.

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