You’d Be Mad To Miss ‘Mike Allred Madman Artist Select Edition’ On The Wednesday Run

Madness…and genius! The cult-classic comic of fan-favourite creator Mike Allred, Madman, gets the much vaunted and completely deserved Artist Select hardcover treatment!

Geez! Has it been twenty-five years?

Technically, it’s been a little longer than that – but who’s counting in technical terms, anyway? A quarter of a century it is!

Madman, the cult-classic, perennial comic book award-nominee, and industry darling series, was first published in 1990 via indie imprint, Caliber Comics. Those of you of a certain age may remember that name as the publisher gave an early voice to a host of talents such as Guy Davis, Vince Locke and James O’Barr, among others.

Two years later, Madman made the jump to Tundra Publishing for a three-issue miniseries and then to a wider audience (and a much longer series) in 1994 with publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

In fact, Madman stories have been released by no fewer than five different publishers during the last quarter century – but they’ve always been guided by the masterful pop culture hand of series creator Mike Allred – one of Biff Bam Pop’s (and this writer’s) all-time favourites!

But today sees the release of the most handsome and most completely wonderful celebration of the Madman comic book series to date, care of IDW Publishing and their Artist Select Edition format!

What format is that? Hang on one second. First, let’s get to Madman!

MadmanMike Allred Madman Artist Select Edition HC

Written and Illustrated By: Mike Allred

Published By: IDW Publishing

Madman is a product of a horrific car crash in which Zane Townsend dies, but is stitched together a la Frankenstein’s monster, by the scientists, Dr. Boiffard and Dr. Flem, and given new life!

Unfortunately, Townsend is an amnesiac, with only fleeting memories of his previous life – specifically a memorable affinity for a comic book character called Mr. Excitement. The two scientists christen their creation Frank Einstein – after their artistic and scientific heroes, Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, ‘natch! The nod to Frankenstein is, of course, a tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek acknowledgement to Mary Shelley’s famous creation!

Madman has a bunch of superpowers like inhuman agility and super-fast reflexes. His body is elastic and he can have psychic connections with people.

His entourage is just as colourful: the Atomics were originally the adversarial Mutant Street Beatniks, but now they’re all pals. Together they battle monsters, antagonistic robots, aliens, G-Men From Hell and a cunning Mr. Monstadt.

It’s madness alright!

But that’s the brilliance of Madman! The character and his stories are only limited by the limitless imagination and talent of the magnificent Mike Allred!

Mike Allred Madman Artist Select Edition is a 400-page, over-sized hardcover, slipcase tome, full of Allred’s hand-picked, favourite, Madman issues published over the last twenty-five years. The 999-copy limited edition is even signed by the creator and includes a new interview with Allred, courtesy of comic industry luminary, Chris Ryall.

Now that’s brilliant madness!

Make the run to your local (and better) comic book shop today and pick up the just-released Mike Allred Madman Artist Select Edition – a tribute to one of the best and most fun comic books of the last twenty-five (plus) years…and its’ adored creator!

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