The Walking Dead S05 E16: Conquer


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we witnessed Rick’s melt down. Hell! Rick is worried that the walls won’t hold and the people won’t fight. Unfortunately, what worked on the outside might not work in Alexandria’s version of the Emerald City. Rick has strayed from the yellow brick road and his fate lies in Deanna’s hands. Is she Glenda or the Wicked Witch? The only thing we know for sure is that the flying monkeys are gathering outside that wall.


There are rules in Alexandria that make the people living there feel safe. The people are foolish, naïve, sitting ducks. Rick and his team know this. We know this, but for all its flaws, Alexandria is still a symbol of home. It’s quite understandable why our Team is having problems adjusting. This hesitancy is what’s kept them alive so far. Now they have to become normal, act normal. Is there even such a thing as normal? Rick has to decide if he wants Alexandria to be a home for him and his family.

Rick had gone a bit rabid and he’s frightened his new friends and worried his team. Rick will need to get Deanna and the others to understand the urgency of becoming more proactive. It’s going to be hard especially with snakes in the grass, Gabe and Nicholas, bad mouthing the group. While Michonne, Glenn and Abe try to reason with Rick, Carol, the queen of the apocalypse, tells Rick to keep mum about the guns.

Carol ep 16


Carol likes hiding behind her Susie Homemaker persona. Carol is the ultimate survivor. Her abusive husband, unknowingly taught Carol her survival skills. Can you imagine the life of an abused spouse? What is it like to live day to day and never know when the next punch will be thrown? Carol has evolved to where I think she might even be a better leader than Rick. Need proof? She’s an expert at blending in. She’s focused. She’s quick to bring down an enemy. When she threatens Pete with that knife, she’s speaking for all abused women. Her parting comment to Pete was kick ass awesome. “Clean that dish before you return it.”


How did you imagine the re-introduction of Morgan? Morgan (Lennie James) has been in everyone’s thoughts since the season began. Where was he? When would he show up? Finally, we see the Jedi warrior. That little spell of crazy seems to be gone. He’s clear. He’s looking for Rick.

A stranger (Benedict Samuel), with the eyes of a shark, wants Morgan’s soup. He wants Morgan. We meet the people known as the wolves. It was interesting how Morgan handled the stranger. Morgan kept his cool, chatted calmly and even offered to share his meal, but the guy thought Morgan was an easy mark. The two bad guys learned firsthand why you never, ever threaten a Jedi who speaks softly and carries a big stick.


Nicholas (Michael Traynor) is one of the reasons that Rick is hesitant to take a chance. Nicolas is a coward who has caused the death of many; Noah included. His attack on Glenn was not unexpected, but Glenn’s not killing the creep was. Glenn has evolved so much over the last two seasons. He is definitely leader material.


Seth Gilliam has done such a great job of playing the cowardly Gabe. His character is a sinner who points the finger of shame at others. Deanna was convinced by his lies about Rick and the team. He is careless with his accusations and with gates. How dare he bad mouth Tyreese (Chad Coleman). I am curious as to how Gabe killed the walker without getting one drop of blood on his white shirt.

Corey Brill did such a great job of playing the porch dick, Pete, that he has incurred the wrath of “The Walking Dead” fans. He’s a good guy in person, so no hate mail, please. Pete goes bananas at the meeting and accidentally kills Reg (Steve Coulter).


What was your take on Sasha bedding down with the dead walkers? Was it closure? Was she trying to become one with the enemy? Did her fight with Gabe help her to heal? What made Morgan come out of his crazy mode? What caused him to evolve into a Jedi who considers all life precious. He didn’t kill the two men who attacked him. He should have, but he didn’t. What spiritual journey has he traveled and, why is it so important to find Rick? When Morgan handed Daryl that map, we knew everything would be okay.

This show began with Morgan and Rick. They have both lost their wives, Morgan even his son. Rick is the only one who can relate to what Morgan has gone through. Their paths are similar, their journey connected, but Morgan has gone through a transformation that we can only hope for Rick. Morgan has found inner peace and strength. He has found a home within himself.


Aaron and Daryl have Morgan to thank for their lives. They got caught in the trap that was set by the people known as wolves. Aaron gave us a hint on who these people are. They were part of Alexandria until they got kicked out. They went feral. Daryl and Aaron may look like the “Odd Couple” but they complement each other in ways that brings out the best in our little stud muffin, Daryl. Would the man in the red poncho still be alive if Daryl listened to Aaron?

Did the two men known as the wolves train the walkers to follow orders using music? It sure looked like it to me. When the music played, the walkers headed back into the trailers. We are witnessing a mutation of the virus if the walkers are indeed, trainable. Viruses mutate. That’s what they do and even the virus that caused the apocalypse has to mutate if it’s going to survive. Something to think about.


This season finale could have ended badly for our team, but it didn’t. Tara is okay. Abe and Eugene have forgiven each other. Sasha might be okay, but I’m not convinced. Glenn didn’t become a walker snack and, Michonne has Rick’s back. Did you think otherwise? If we wondered if Rick’s saving the town from gate crashing walkers fell on deaf ears, Deanna’s order to Rick proves it didn’t. Goodbye Porch Dick, hello home.


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