The Expanse S01 E06: Retrofit


As Holden and his crew land on Tycho Station, Miller is kidnapped. Who would have guessed that the clue was hidden in a mechanical hamster? On last week’s episode of The Expanse, Fred Johnson offered sanctuary and Miller made a discovery, but what secrets does the microchip hold?

Tycho Station

I love how actors from one of my favorite series, now cancelled, appear on my new favorite series. On last week’s episode, you may have recognized the representative for the miners on Anderson Station. It was no other than Billy MacLellan aka Lt. Bebe from the third season of Defiance. I wonder if I’ll see any other crossovers from Defiance.


Julie Mao is still MIA and we don’t know if or when we will see her again. While Fred Johnson greets Holden and Amos, Chrisjen arranges to have a spy on Tycho keep tabs on Johnson. Big Sister is alive and doing well. We finally understand Chrisjen’s hatred of the OPA. They are somehow responsible for her son’s death.. I’d still hate to get on the wrong side of this lady. She is a manipulator.

We don’t know much about Fred Johnson, but apparently he has a reputation for charging Mormons extra for toilet seats. Little tidbits like this make the show so much more interesting. So why is Fred Johnson helping Holden’s crew? I think Fred Johnson is impressed with Holden. Johnson doesn’t know if Holden is a genius or just lucky.


He wants the Tachi and he wants to use Holden and his crew as pawns to get himself a seat at the UN Council. Holden’s refusal to turn over the Rocinante to Johnson forces Johnson to agree to send Holden looking for the mysterious man known as Polanski.


Dawes is the person behind Miller’s abduction and he wants to know what Miller found in Julie’s apartment. Miller has the chip hidden and gets roughed up for not handing it over. We get a glimpse of the kind of man Dawes is when we learn more about the effects of zero G on bones. Families are sometimes forced to kill the weakest of their children in order to have enough food to feed the survivors. Dawes killed his own sister, to keep his family alive.


Right before Miller is killed in the airlock, Octavia comes to the rescue. Octavia (Athena Karkanis) is always there in the nick of time to help Miller, but he always acts like a jerk. After killing the people who tried to kill Miller, Octavia seeks comfort in Miller’s arms, but the man is only thinking of Julie. That microchip in the mechanical hamster reveals a problem on Phoebe Station. Is it a bio-weapon gone wrong? This is big stuff and he takes the information to Capt. Shaddid


I wasn’t so crazy about this episode even though we did find out some information. Johnson is surprised that the Martians saved Holden’s life, but he later goes looking for and finds something interesting on the dead Lt. Lopez. What was in that microchip? Johnson tells Holden that the OPA is not behind the attacks. I believe him. If Holden finds Polanski, what can he tell us?


Miller got the shock of his life and so did I when Capt. Shaddid proves to be a bad guy after Miller shows her what is on the microchip. Who is she working for and why fire Miller?

The part with Diogo (Andrew Rotilio) and his Uncle Mateo seemed to be thrown in there just to reaffirm the mistreatment of the Belters by just about everyone. Who knew they gave speeding tickets in space.

Roci crew

We learned a bit more about the crew of the Rocinante or “Roci” for short. I like the characters of Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex. They’ve finally got their act together and really care what happens to each other. Amos revealed a bit of his past life on this episode and Alex is more into flying his ships than having a family. As the Roci gets ready for its newest adventure, Amos does some fine artwork on their ship. I hoping we get more answers before the season finale, especially what’s happening on Phoebe Station.


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